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FAQ (supply list follows)

Q: Do you make soap?

A: Nope! When hubby and I were engaged, my dad said casually one day, "Hey, your initials squished all together spell S.O.A.P." It stuck.
From that moment on, we were soapHOUSE. And, well... I'm a mama... hence the name "soapHOUSEmama."

Q: What got you started with mixed media paper crafting?

A: You can read my creative journey series here: http://purplemailbox.blogspot.com/p/my-creative-journey.html

But, the short version is that I love art and one of my best friends introduced me to the vast world of paper crafting and let's just say the rest is history!

Q: You have 4 kids, you homeschool, and you still manage to create! HOW? 

A: Read all about it here: http://purplemailbox.blogspot.com/p/fitting-it-all-in.html OR - Take my CLASS: 5 Minute Fix  

Q: What black pen do you use?

A: It depends! In my scrapbooking, I tend to reach for Pitt Pens. In my Art Journaling and such, I love the Fude Ball. See supply list below for both.

Q: Why are you always spraying Krylon things on your mixed media work?

A: I enjoy using many supplies that aren't waterproof. Sometimes that is great. But, sometimes I don't want them to run with added media.... that is what the Krylon sprays are for. The workable fixative is what I like to spray on my pencil work. The clear protective spray is what works to fix things like the Fude Ball and such. 

Q: Do you prefer White Acrylic or Gesso?

A: Acrylic, hands down. The gritty, sheer nature of gesso definitely has it's place, but I tend to reach for the acrylic more often. I love the opacity of it, the way it dries with a light sheen, and how it is smooth. 

Q: How do you care for your brushes?

A: I don't. Oh, I know, I know... bad girl. But here's the thing, I often work in 5 minute time slots, grabbing moments here and there. And, if I don't have a brush in water, ready to go, well then I am not going to reach for the paint. It puts a serious dent in my creativity. So, I buy good, yet inexpensive brushes and I don't worry about it. When the water starts to make it so that I can no longer achieve a true color in my paint, then I change it... Or, if it starts to smell! HA!

Q: I have a question, but you didn't answer it?

A: Email me! soaphouse@gmail.com

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I design for and/or frequently use the following products:
Roben-Marie Smith
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Here is a list of my most frequently used and loved supplies. (affiliate links)



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