Monday, March 5, 2018

Layer and Stitch... A Brand New, Make Your Own Junque Journal, Online Class!!!

I am pleased to announce Layer and Stitch!
Papers, paints, pastels, thread, tags, stamps, pens and pencils.... combined in a wonderfully layered way all of these mediums can create the most lovely textures and layers. Join us every step of the way as we create our very own Junque Journal Booklet. Gather your scraps and work along with me as we construct pages, stitch and bind them into a journal, fill each spread with drawing, painting, and collage work... then finish it off with elements such as buttons, tags, and ribbons! At the end of this course, you will have created and completed your own, one-of-a-kind, mixed media Junque Journal full of layered and stitched goodness!

Take a look at this video for more info...

You may purchase class now for only $42

Want a few more details?
Here you go...

With this course, you will receive instant access to the following:
  • THREE supply intro videos including papers to select, adhesives to consider, and mixed media supplies we will be using.
  • TWO journal construction videos including one on constructing pages out of scraps and another on binding the booklet together.
  • SEVEN art journaling videos in which we complete all five spreads of the junque journal, as well as the back and front cover. 
  • ONE "finishing touches" video in which we go through the journal and add things like buttons, tags, ribbons, and more! 
  • ONE final flip of the journal, set to music.
  • FOUR different faces included within the above mentioned videos
  • ONE complete step by step breakdown of how to draw a face, included in the above mentioned videos.
  • That comes to a total of 14 videos at approximately 6 hours of video content!
  • A PDF download of course content.
  • Access to me via email for any and all questions, ponderings, etc...
  • Ability to download videos to your own personal computer or compatible device for permanent archiving and viewing.
  • Seven exclusive junque journal spreads/pages that are only available to students in this class and are guaranteed not to be shared elsewhere.
  • Online access to class as long as my website is active (which should be a very long time).
  • Comment form in which to chat and share links to your work.
  • And, what I hope, is an abundant amount of inspiration!

Questions and Answers:

How are these videos different from what you already post for free on YouTube?
  • My YouTube art journaling videos are typically presented in high speed, with no voice over. The videos presented in this course are shown in real time, with narration, including in-depth explanations of my process and artistic choices. (The final video of this course is a flip through of the journal, that is not narrated, but set to music.)
What supplies do I need?
  • I encourage you to take this course regardless of the supplies you currently have! The tips and ideas should provide you with plenty of inspiration to get you started, even if your supplies are limited. That being said, I do realize it is helpful to know more than that. So, the supplies that I use in the course are:  waxed thread, a needle, glue sticks, sewing machine, black thread, masking tape, matte medium, PPA, Tacky Glue, various scrap papers, under paper, watercolor paper, watercolors, acrylic paints, gesso, signs pen, white water-based sharpie, Stabilo, Signo, Pitt Pens, graphite pencils, China Markers, Buttons, Sari ribbon, twine, and shipping tags, pockets, and envelopes.
  • The classroom page will contain a detailed supply link list
What if I don't have a sewing machine?

  • While I do use my sewing machine a good deal in this class to construct the pages for the journal, it is completely possible to execute this journal without a sewing machine. I cover in the course videos how to do just that. If you do not feel comfortable going forward without a sewing machine, you can pick up a very inexpensive one with a coupon at your local craft store.
Will this class teach me how you draw your faces?
  • YES! While this course does not contain a video devoted solely to face drawing like my Fabulous Faces class, the first art journaling spread of this class covers, step-by-step, how to draw a face. Then, we will complete three more faces throughout the journal, reinforcing what we learned in the first video.
Do I need to be able to draw to complete this course?
  • Not at all! While I do indeed draw a face on several of the art journal spreads in this class, it is not at all necessary to explore the concepts we will be going over. You may substitute with a stamp, a stencil, a collage, or all of the above!
I'm not an art journaler, will I still learn in this class?
  • Absolutely! The core concepts learned in this class can easily be translated to scrapbooking, or card making.
Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
  • While I feel this class is an extremely good value for the price, I would not want anyone to be unhappy with their purchase. If that is indeed the case, please contact me directly and we can work together to resolve any issue you may be having.
Speaking of price, how much is the course?
  • Only $42! Thats an awesome price for completing an entire Junque Journal from scratch and learning loads of concepts along the way!
How do I buy this course and access my materials?
  • You may purchase this course in my ETSY SHOP HERE. Upon purchase, you will be sent an email with the PDF download. This PDF also includes the private classroom page link as well as the video passcode. If you have any difficulties with the email, the links, or the PDF... simply email me ( and we will resolve any and all issues asap!
What if I have a question that wasn't answered here?

Thanks so much for your loyal support and I look forward to seeing you in class!


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