Monday, June 19, 2017

5 Minute Fix... A New Class!

Announcing.....A NEW CLASS!

5 Minute Fix...

I am thrilled to announce my brand new mini art journaling class, 5 Minute Fix. Join me as we look at practical ways to find even the smallest pockets of time to get your crafty fix on! Life is busy, time is short... if your days are anything like mine, you struggle to find the time for your hobby. It's time to change that! In this class, we will discuss practical strategies to implement so that you can take advantage of the 5 minute pockets in your day. It's time to stop letting the business of life get in the way of your creativity! 

Please have a look at this little video for more info:

You may purchase class now for only $5

Five dollars? That's it? YEP! Time is short and so is money, right? I am so thrilled to be able to offer you my lowest priced class to date!

Want a few more details?
Here you go...

With this course, you will receive instant access to the following:
  • TWO intro videos including a course welcome as well as 5 real-life practical tips to help you find the time to incorporate crating into your busy life.
  • SEVEN segments, broken into five minute increments to complete one art journal spread.
  • ONE bonus video, completing a fun and simple card in just 5 minutes.
  • ONE final thoughts video.
  • That comes to a total of 11 videos!
  • A PDF download of course content.
  • Access to me via email for any and all questions, ponderings, etc...
  • Ability to download videos to your own personal computer or compatible device for permanent archiving and viewing.
  • One exclusive art journal spread and One final card design that are only available to students in this class and are guaranteed not to be shared elsewhere.
  • Online access to class as long as my website is active (which should be a very long time).
  • Comment form in which to chat and share links to your work.
  • And, what I hope, is an abundant amount of inspiration!
Questions and Answers:

How are these videos different from what you already post for free on YouTube?
  • My YouTube art journaling videos are typically presented in high speed, with no voice over. The videos presented in this course are shown in real time, with narration, including in-depth explanations of my process and artistic choices.
What supplies do I need?
  • I encourage you to take this course regardless of the supplies you currently have! The tips and ideas should provide you with plenty of inspiration to get you started, even if your supplies are limited. That being said, I do realize it is helpful to know more than that. So, the supplies that I use in the course are:  white acrylic paint, white gesso, gelatos, crayola portfolio oil pastels, graphite pencil, pitt pens, krylon clear spray, dyslusions art journal, various brushes, and watercolors. 
  • The classroom page will contain a detailed supply link list
Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
  • While I feel this class is an extremely good value for the price, I would not want anyone to be unhappy with their purchase. If that is indeed the case, please contact me directly and we can work together to resolve any issue you may be having.
Speaking of price, how much is the course?
  • Only $5!
How do I buy this course and access my materials?
  • You may purchase this course in my ETSY SHOP HERE. Upon purchase, you will be sent an email with the PDF download. This PDF also includes the private classroom page link as well as the video passcode. If you have any difficulties with the email, the links, or the PDF... simply email me ( and we will resolve any and all issues asap!
What if I have a question that wasn't answered here?

Thanks so much for your loyal support and I look forward to seeing you in class!


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