Sunday, October 16, 2016

Scrapping With Stamps, A Video, Christmas Presents, September Pocket Page and a Bit of Documented Life...

Hello, hello! I was able to grab several hours of uninterrupted studio time this past week! And, that means... I have a good bit of things to share. YAY!

First up, I am in the planning stages of a new class all about using stamps in an artistic way in your paper crafting. I worked up a little video and talked about that...

Take a look...

SO, if you are interested (or not) in that type of class, please do let me know. Comment below, or email (

Then, I was having so much fun with those buttons, that I went a head and wrapped some Christmas Presents...

Don't they look pretty?!?!

And, I love the FLAIR too!

I also had a friend challenge me to pick a shape and use only that shape to draw something. As you can see, I picked circles...

It was hard! HA!

Speaking of circles... I put loads of the gorgeous 28 Lilac Lane sequins to use in my Documented Life Project. November too... YAY me for being ahead!

And while I was at it, I had a card made up that I am hand delivering... 
So, I figured I would take the liberty to make a fun little package for it too!

Love layering all these bits!

And last, but not least...
My September pocket pages...


and more lovely buttons!


As always, the links and such to things I use most often are on my FAQ page.
Thanks for stopping by! 
See you soon!


  1. I looove stamping on my pages...and still use the trick of the upside down animals that was in a previous class :) Would love another scrap class!

  2. Thanks for asking here on the blog. I don't have an Instagram. Yes, I'd definitely want to do a class from you on stamping, that would be awesome. If I can say, however, and I understand it's your class and I'm a big fan of yours, that I would like if you were doing a clown stamping for scrapbooking, keep it for scrapbooking and leave cards out of it, or include a lesson or video, but please don't make it the main focus of the class. As much as I'd like to make cards, all my creative time does go to scrapbooking. I hope I'm not being forward. :). Your girls are beyond adorable. Love their handwriting, and they are so sweet. Thank you for sharing your talents. Michelle t

  3. I love the idea of a stamp class from you! Yes, I loved the upside down animal stamps/Simon from your previous class. Love how creative you get on cards with your stamps (CD Xmas and your various layouts). Thank you for your inspiration. It might be time for me to break down and sign up for Instagram. LOL!


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