Monday, September 26, 2016

A Leftover Card, Art Journal Rainbows, Fun with Layouts, and Large Painting Progress!

Hello there!

I've had fun in the studio this week and first up, I have a card to share... a card made with leftovers, to be exact!

Leftovers from what? My contribution to May Flaum's Kittastic Class!

You can learn more about this class here:

Use this link and you will automatically save $5 when checking out! No additional code is needed, when you get to the checkout screen the $5 will be taken off by using the link. This offer is valid on new purchases only, and is good through 9/30/2016.

I also played with some bright colors in my accordion journal this week...

And I even scrapped a bit!
For this layout, I went to town with my 28 Lilac Lane seed beads, and I just love the outcome! A bit like confetti...

And for this last layout, I played with scraps and put my stamps to use! And, of course... some fun flair made it on there too!

As always links are on my FAQ page.

And lastly, here is the large painting as of late! I debated for a while on the addition of the muted yellow color, but so glad I added it!

Thanks for stopping by! See you soon!


  1. Beautiful layouts, Ashli! Just love! And your are so talented. Thank you for sharing. Michelle t

  2. WOW! It is all amazing! You are one multi-talented rock star, Ashli. I really liked seeing all of the various projects you've been working on - each one is unique and beautiful!

  3. i always look forward to Mondays and receiving your posts. Love the card, layout (how perfect is that polka dot tissue with the rock climbing wall), When did Five happen (too quickly right?) and loving the beautiful colors in your journal and the yellow on your oversized canvas. Miss you at CD. But I did sign up for the Kitastic class. Thank you!


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