Monday, August 22, 2016

Painting Large and an Art Journaling Spread...

Happy Monday!

I have been working a bit more on my large painting. Here is the progression as of late:

I'm at the point with it now where I need to decide if I want to stay with bright and bold, or tone everything down... I must ponder...

I also had the chance to record an art journaling spread this week! I was in the mood to work a bit more simply with just some colored pencils and such. 


Thanks for stopping by! And, stay tuned as I have an extra post going up this week of something really fun...


  1. Beautiful work, Ashli! So pretty, and I love the large painting. I have to catch your video a little later in the day, but I'm very curious about the colored pencils, and of course very inexperienced. Thanks! Michelle t

  2. beautiful painting and art journal!

  3. SO fun to watch her come to life! What did you use to write with at the end?


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