Monday, June 27, 2016

Flip Throughs and More Flip Throughs!


I have several flip through videos to share with you today! Take a look:

First up is my 2016 Family Album...

Next, my Documented Life Project...

And Finally, My Massive Heritage Album Project...

In addition to filming lots of videos this week, I have also been playing and will have some art journaling coming soon, as well as some sneaks of fun things in the works!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Awesome, Ashli! Loved your videos, it was almost like chatting with a friend. Loved your overview of your ongoing projects. Your heritage album is amazing! Wow. Really awesome. My mom has been pretty good about names and dates and such, and I have a couple of small albums she'd made. But not near as much as yours. Just really loved it. Anyway, great stuff, as always, and I enjoyed your videos, and your projects, so much. Thanks for sharing. Michelle t

  2. I'm doing the exact same thing---I so enjoyed seeing how you are assembling the three different types of albums. I also have the various size page protectors. I love your idea for the shaker pockets! Thanks for all the great inspiration! I have tons of family heritage photos and papers--I like your idea not to glue things down in case someone wants to use a photo. I'm contemplating using your idea for side by side chronology. Helene


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