Monday, March 28, 2016

Art. Paint. Journal. Play.... Updates!

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We are enjoying spring break around here, which also means we are enjoying lots of studio time. YAY! What does that mean for you? Well, I have LOADS of videos to share today...

First up...
Playing around with faces, flowers, colored pencils, watercolors, and more!

See if you can spot where I plopped my brush into my candle instead of my water! Oh... and that poor elephant didn't stand a chance....


I have been wanting to try PanPastels for a long time. Honestly, the cost was deterring me. But, my friends at Ellen Hutson sell them in small sets and individually! YAY! 

See here: (and also on my supply page)

So, I was super excited to try them! I must confess, I really didn't know a ton about these and had only watched one or two videos about various techniques. I figured the best way to learn was to just play!

What's the verdict? I LOVE them! Why? Well, I have always enjoyed a really soft look in my art and these lend themselves perfectly for that. 

What did I learn?
- I REALLY like the way watercolor layers over them. Most specifically, if there is ONLY pan pastel down, then the watercolor on top. Also, the pastel colors that I chose blend together beautifully... the pink and yellow making a wonderful flesh tone.
- I would love to get some darker colors to try blending with more of a contrast.
- PanPastels layered OVER watercolor can produce a muddy look if not careful. I much preferred layering watercolor over the pastels.
- I really enjoyed applying the pastels through a stencil. The soft look, combined with the hard line of the shape is lovely!

And Finally....

I recently shared a bit of handmade journal making I was doing in an effort to use up some paper and such hanging around in my studio. See video here:

Well, let's just say that this sparked lots of mojo and I couldn't seem to stop making little (and big) books! 

Plus, I am having so much fun playing with the beautiful 28 Lilac Lane Embellishment Collection from May Flaum! And, as you can see in this video, they work really well for a cover!

You can find the entire line of 28 Lilac Lane at Ellen Hutson:

SO that's what I've been up to! I'll have more to share soon!


  1. The girl on the right, on the last picture really looks like your daughter and you. Wish you would do a face drawing tutorial ;) Gorgeous work! Just wish you were enjoying yourself more. Lol

  2. So BEAUTIFUL projects! I LOVE them all! Your drawing faces always look so kind and your flowers look gorgeous! Thank you for sharing, wish you and your family have a great spring break!

  3. Oh my goodness! These are wonderful! I love your process!

  4. I will catch up with the videos throughout the week, but I wanted to say your art journal drawings/paintings are just so beautiful, inspiring, everything. Really lovely. Michelle t

  5. EEK! Love following your art journey.....thank you for sharing.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your work. I am learning to even attempt what you are doing.


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