Monday, March 21, 2016

Art. Paint. Journal. Play... Tweaking the Spreads...

Good morning and happy Monday to you! As I get more and more comfortable with what I like and don't like in my art journal, I am finding myself not too pleased with some previous spreads. 

Time to change that!

First, let me just say that if these spreads had been done a year or so ago, or even more... I would most likely not be messing with them. However, they were done recently enough and my style has become more clear to me that I feel the need to tweak...

So, let's tweak!

And here are the newly finished pages...

Thanks for joining me today! If you have any questions about supplies used, please visit my supply page

See you soon!


  1. Thanks for explaining the Gelatos a bit. I've shied away from them, preferring my Distress Inks and a watercolors palette. Funny, I do paint a while acrylic or gesso over my paper before I start, sometimes it's there even up to a week before I'll do something over it, and here that's the key to working with the Gelatos, so you've inspired me to try again. I like the texture the paint layer gives, which was the only reason why I do it. I've just been painting free hand from my imagination, scenes mostly, no journaling per se. I've done journaling, stenciling, texture, stamps, letter stickers. Just lately I've been more into my watercolor mediums, and the landscape scenes. Anyway, great stuff here, I do love your faces, you're an awesome talent. Thanks for sharing. Michelle t

  2. I find your process very inspiring and really like the dreamy look in your journal. Thanks for all the videos that you share!

  3. Hi Ashli! I really liked what you did reworking layers of previous artworks in your art journal in order to recreate older works into your current style. It looks like that you have a lot of art pieces in your journal collection already. Have you thought about framing certain pieces from your journal for home decoration?

    Hannah Sullivan @ Goarty

    1. I have pondered that a bit :) I actually have some large canvases waiting for me... in hopes of creating some art for display. Thanks for your sweet comment!


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