Monday, March 7, 2016

Art. Paint. Journal. Play... Taming the Scraps with a Coptic Bound Junque Journal, Mail Art, and More!!!

Faced with an overwhelming drawer, stuffed to the brim, of saved scraps, I had two options... recycle it all and be done, OR make something! As you might have guessed I chose the latter.

Using a myriad of inspiration from various crafters such as Christy SobolewskiJulie Fei-Fan BalzerPaige Taylor Evans, and Shannon Green I set about turning my humble scraps into usable art. Take a look:

It feels SO good to make use of all these materials I had sitting around! 

Thanks for watching!


  1. Oh, wow so awesome! Love it all! The journal, the little one at the end, everything. I also did love the face you did, even though you don't. :) I think it's lovely. And I enjoyed the video, thanks for sharing. Michelle t

  2. Awesome video! Very inspiring! I really like when you talk during your videos! And not just because of your cute Marietta accent ;)

  3. There you go again......inspiration incarnate! Thank you, Ashli.


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