Monday, February 22, 2016

Art. Paint. Journal. Play... Tipping in the Elephant...

Happy Monday! For this edition of Art. Paint. Journal. Play, I am playing with the idea of a "tip-in." Basically, just adding a page that folds into the journal. 

This is super fun because it enlarges the spread and makes the journal more customized and interactive!

I had a ton of fun putting this together! I experimented with some new paints from Michael's and a new oil based Sharpie! (the jury is still out on that one...)

Oh, and an elephant! The hubbs recently showed me a fabulous elephant video on YouTube and I was reminded of how cool they are. That inspired me to try drawing one!

Thanks for watching!

Oh... on the note of supplies... I am pondering a separate page of my most favorite, and frequently used supplies. We shall see...


  1. Loved this video! Ok, the girl...Love that the eyes aren't looking ahead. And I know you've done it before, but I just think it's so neat that you tear the face in pieces, but yet it still looks cohesive, if that makes sense. I really like that. I loved seeing the progression of the elephant. And I love the colors. Especially the pops of orange. Just a beautiful, awesome, amazing page. You, you are so talented, and I enjoy your videos. Michelle t

  2. I am in love!! With your lovely color mix, your flip page-love interactive pages and books, your drawings and that magnificent elephant!! You are ROCKING!!

  3. Girl, this elephant!! Oh this ellie!! I love it so much and this whole page! Maybe a class on art journalling coming up? (hint, hint) =) I have recently gotten in to it and it is so much fun.

    Love you girl,

  4. Amazing what you can create in 15 mins! Love what you do with color.....and would definitely take an art journaling class from you.


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