Monday, February 8, 2016

Art. Paint. Journal. Play... A Bee in Her Bonnet...

Happy Monday! I'm back with another edition of Art. Paint. Journal. Play!

This time, I am painting a requested piece, out of the journal, that will get framed...

A bee in her bonnet, with an eagle's wing... the perfect mix of symbolism for the lovely couple that requested this piece!

I'm enjoying faces and have been binge watching many, many video tutorials and am playing with some new ideas...

More soon...

One last question before you go...
Supply list... Do you care? Is it helpful?
I didn't include one this time to see how many of you would notice. Let me know if you missed it! Thanks!


  1. Gorgeous piece, wonderful to make it for someone. Interesting bee/eagle wing symbolism. As for supplies, maybe when you try something brand new? You've done a number of faces, for example, I could see including it in the first of a series?

  2. Love a great Monday series!!!! I think we all feel like ideas are like bees buzzing in our heads...and then they take flight :) Mwah!!!

  3. Beautiful!!!!
    (I missed the supply list)
    What pencil, kind of watercolor set (?) did you use?

    1. Hi there! You can see a supply list in this post:
      Hope that helps!

  4. I agree with Maura. I like a supply list generally, but know they're extra work, so it makes a lot of sense just to say when you use something new. I love your faces, you are so talented and think it's awesome you have a commissioned piece. Love that. You rock. Michelle t

  5. Love to watch your process videos and appreciate that you take the time to make them. I do like the supply list and like Michelle said, I know they are extra work. Hope you are earning a commission on the items as you certainly worked for it. thank you for sharing all that you do!


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