Monday, December 7, 2015

Oh Brother... Pie Charts and Cabbage Patch Kids...

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Welcome back to another installment of the Oh Brother series!

If you read my first post in this series, you know that I created my own pie chart stencil and cut file. Creating my own stencils and cut files directly from my own drawings, without having to utilize my computer, was one of the HUGE selling points for me when considering my Brother ScanNCut.

And here is that little doodle...
After scanning that in, I was able to turn it into a cut file, which meant I could also turn it into a stencil. And here is my machine cutting that image out of Grafix Clear Plastic...

This makes me SO excited!
I couldn't wait to put it to use on a page, either! So... I crafted up this fun layout, using lots of the pieces from the cut file and putting some mixed media action to work with the stencil...
...all about my obsession with Cabbage Patch Kids as a child. 80's anyone? HA!

Oh, and those little pinked circles? They are cuts from the ScanNCut as well! Love that little FLAIR badge as much as I do? You can get it over at the A Flair For Buttons Etsy Shop!

And what did I learn while working on this?
  • The acetate material works really well, as long as a deep blade is employed. Oh, and stuck down. The acetate MUST be adhered really well or it will slip.
  • When doodling a design to scan, it works much better if the lines are thick. The machine picks them up easier, and there will be less editing once the image is in the machine.

See you soon!

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