Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Oh Brother... Christmas Cards!

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Welcome back to another installment of the Oh Brother series... a blog series chronicling my adventures in learning my Brother ScanNCut.

If you read the very first post in this series, you know that I leaned heavily on video tutorials from the lovely Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and May Flaum. Not only did they give me countless ideas, but also perfectly practical tips for my machine!

For this card, I am directly lifting the project that May shows in her video tutorial HERE.

I was so inspired by her card! It was a lightbulb moment for me that using the very basic feature of welding, along with the pre-set designs in the ScanNCut, I can create super unique and custom Christmas Cards in no time!

I made two of these snowflake cards first...
But, I couldn't stop there! I made a couple of leaf cards as well...

As you can tell, once my cuts were done, I finished these off with lots of mixed media fun, including plenty of gold paint. Oh, and see those stamped and fussy cut berries? That is also thanks to my ScanNCut! YAY!
The possibilities with these are endless! 

So, what did I learn about my machine during this project?
  • The finite rotation that the on-board editing allows is fantastic for nudging a design to exactly the right position for optimum welding results.
  • Embossed cardstock does need a slightly deeper blade setting. 
  • Adding rounded corners is so super easy!

 Some, but not all of the supplies used in these projects:


  1. These are super! What an amazing design!

  2. So, you are telling me that I need this machine. These are just beautiful and I see that you used it to cut out my favorite CD stamp.

  3. Oh so pretty lifts Ashli! I love the welding ability on the SNC! So many possibilities.


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