Thursday, December 24, 2015

Filled With Photos...

Do you remember how I prepped pocket pages for October and November? Well, I figured since tomorrow is Christmas... I should check in a show you how these spreads ended up!

You can check out the post and video for October HERE and
you can check out the post and video for November HERE.

All caught up? Great!

Now, here is the before picture of October:

And here is the after:

And again for November:

And the after:

What was the trick to making this work?
Well, as is evident in the photos above... making interactive flaps! I knew i was going to go this route, so I didn't feel at all limited in either design or photos.

These were really fun to put together and I love the end result!


  1. Oh, wow, Ashli, so pretty . Neat idea, the interactive flaps. I'll have to think on that. And I so love how you call the baby "Oaks", every time I see that it makes me smile. Enjoyed your photos. Michelle t


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