Friday, November 20, 2015

Oh Brother... ATC Cards

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Welcome back to another installment of the Oh Brother series. This time, I am playing with simple shapes and rounded corners!

So.... I'm participating in a fun card swap with my friends at Cocoa Daisy this year. Greeting cards and ATC (artist trading card) cards will be traded. This is a first for me! A first to do a swap, and a first to do an ATC card.

It was really fun to work in a small format like this! And... what was even better is that I used the pre-loaded shapes on my Brother ScanNCut to create and cut out all of my card shapes... complete with rounded corners and holes punched! YAY!

Oh - and I also used the pre-loaded fonts and welding feature to create my word "cozy." If you are not familiar with the term welding, it is essentially squishing two or more shapes together to create one solid shape that is then one solid cut file. 

I had more fun playing with some of the pre-loaded features of my machine and working up these little cards!

What did I learn about my machine during this project? The shapes are super easy... easy to work with and easy to edit. Also, when the machine is cutting simple shapes, a faster cut speed can be used and will likely result in a crisper cut as well. And finally, adhering the paper with the spatula (in a slight burnishing fashion) is key in making full contact with the cutting mat. Full adhesion and contact insures the cleanest cut.

Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you again soon!

Some, but perhaps not all, of the products used to create this project:



  1. That's super cute! Love the colors of this card.

  2. Love the ATC card - I wanted to say thank YOU for your BINGE video. OMG. 😐 I did watch it several times because its so amazing - you and your daring-do. AND THEN, This weekend- shazam. I had a binge moment where I made 7 pages that I love. I'll be blogging about them this week - and throwing them out on instagram AND I DID A LOT OF LIFTING- Just saying. Naturally I'll be mentioning that. But wow! you made me brave. Actually some of them sort of look alike and I'm okay with that. It was just amazing to just play and get my feet wetter.


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