Monday, October 12, 2015

Mini Book Fail?

I think we have all done it... 

We craft up the base of a fabulous mini... perhaps for a certain season or event. Our intentions are good. We maybe even add one entry. But, it falls by the wayside and we never quite stay on it like we intended. 

Then, it sits on the shelf, mocking you. 

Can you relate?

Good. Me too!

Remember this?
I just love this little mini I created for Cocoa Daisy, using the March Hello Again Kits. 

I had every intention to journal about my summer garden, plan it out, sketch, etc....

That never really happened!
But, it's ok!

I might not have remembered to keep up with this journal, but I did keep up with my picture taking. 

So, I simply printed out some pictures of us working in the garden...

pasted them in...

And wrote some thoughts and memories down about our summer gardening adventures...

And ta da!

A full mini, no guilt, and completely "mockery" free!


  1. Wow, so pretty. I'm slowly learning that nothing is a complete fail. But your album, not even close! You remembered to take pictures that's all that counts. The words will follow. Awesome little mini.. Michelle t

  2. This is a lovely mini album, Ashli! This actually happened to me this Summer. I built a whole scrapbooking kit, with a mini album, some stickers, instax camera, etc to take with me on a road trip. The only thing I did with it was use the instax camera. I didn't scrapbook not once.

  3. You go! Love how you changed your "fail" into a success, it was just waiting for the right moment.

  4. C'est juste magnifique ! J'adore ton scrap !


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