Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Studio Tour... VIDEO Style!

Almost a year ago, I wrote about simplifying and shared some of my studio set up with you.

Very little has changed since then, actually. Except... I did replace those old and painted metal folding tables (circa 1980) with some flea market wooden tables. This is all a part of my ongoing quest to replace plastics and other yuckies with nice, worn, flea market finds of wood or lovely metal.

Well, I recently got a wild hair and actually clean up the place, so I thought it to be perfect timing to film a little tour...

My supplies are still very minimal and that works great for me! You can read more about that in the post mentioned above and you can see more about that in this video below...

So there you have it! My happy place...minimal on supplies, but not on fun! 

See you soon!


  1. Loved this peek into where the magic happens!!

  2. So fun! I loved being able to peek into your drawers. :)
    But the part that made me smile, was your lovely assistant. She's adorable!

  3. loved seeing this... and your daughter at the end.. adorable.

  4. What a fantastic spot to create! And your little is so adorable!!! SO SWEET!

  5. Love your craft room. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Michelle t

  6. Thanks for the share, Ashli. Our creative space is a big part of the process and yours is big and light and full of happy. I so agree with your keep it simple philosophy, too many choices can just overwhelm. I keep my paper scraps too but separate the lights from the darks and sometimes rummaging through this stash fires up more ideas than anything else. Love, love, love that drafting table--how lucky you are to have it!

  7. Love your space and the direct light you get from the window. I love simple is always best. I just recently de-stashed a lot of my crafty goodies because I haven't had energy or mojo to create due to family stuff. Me putting a bunch of stuff into 3 boxes and giving it to my cousin to use and sister in law for her classroom has lifted such a weight off my shoulders. I hope to return to my space and start creating again soon. Now when I do shop for my crafty room I will make better choices in buying what I need and what will be used. TFS you space. Supet cute baby girl.


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