Thursday, July 2, 2015

On Finding My Mixed Media Footing.... With an Etsy Update!

I have been trying to find my mixed media "comfort zone" for some time now.  While I am very comfortable in my scrapbooking style, for some reason... when presented with a blank page full of painterly opportunity, I felt like I was just shooting into a great wide abyss. 

I remember this feeling when I was getting grounded in my scrapbooking. Not having found "my style," I would essentially try and reinvent the wheel every time I sat down to scrap. While this is most certainly a fabulous way to learn and grown, it leaves a lot to be desired for the long term.

Yes, I want to always be trying new things, to always be learning and growing in my creativity. But, there is a lot to be said for knowing one's style, feeling confident in your artistic preferences, and happily creating within these parameters. 

One day, in my studio, I was working on a mixed media piece that was just not going anywhere that I liked. I was throwing technique after technique at the poor, overworked 6x8 canvas. And it finally hit me...

"Apply what you love in scrapbooking to your mixed media work, Ashli!"

Doesn't that sound simple? And, you would have probably reached that conclusion LONG before I did. I can be a little slow on the uptake, a little late to the party, as they say.

Ah - better late than never though, right?
Now, on a practical level, what does this mean exactly?

Well.... it means that the following methods and ideas are applied and utilized while I am working on a mixed media piece:

  1. a square format
  2. lots of white
  3. paper (as opposed to canvas) base
  4. a focal point image of some sort (stamped image, doodles)
  5. soft colors (lots of watercolor)
  6. stitching (messy circles, etc)
  7. doodles
  8. pen work
  9. layers (paints, inks, mist)
  10. messy writing

As it turns out, applying the things that I love in scrapbooking, to my mixed media work, is a recipe for happiness!
Not only do I feel comfortable while working in these parameters, I have fun! And, when I have fun the pieces typically turn out much better!

And, the best part is that I am constantly motivated to keep playing with new ideas within the above restraints. Why? Well, I know that if I stick to the things that I love and enjoy, but continue to play, then I will grow creatively, while enjoying the process!

That is a win, win!

Ah - but this does present one sort of conundrum...
I keep making these things, which means I have a lot of them laying around! And, you know... one can really only have so many mixed media pieces in their own home.

So, what's a crafty girl to do? 

Mount them on wood cradles and sell them in my Etsy Shop, of course!

The above pieces were just uploaded to my shop and 5 remain for sale. Since I can't seem to stop making these little guys, more will be added soon! Oh, and I am offering free shipping for all orders within the USA. I don't like to pay shipping, so I figured you don't either! For all my lovely international friends, I will gladly ship to you as well! Just email me first for a quote, please. 

So, anytime you see a little mixed media collage here on my blog, it will more than likely make it's way over to my Etsy shop in due time. Be sure to check there often!

Thanks for stopping by today and thank you for your support!


  1. These turned out great! And it's great that you've defined a style & parameters that you can now play around with and have FUN!

  2. I'm a new follower. I was searching thru SB.COM looking for new inspiration and found you!!! Your style speaks to me in so many ways. Love it all!!!!!

  3. Love your style. However, I find it difficult when scrapping or creating for someone that is NOT scrappy or artistic. They don't tend to understand what goes into it. I'm sure you will find the balance as your style is univeral - I love your stuff and its not something I myself can recreate.

  4. That's great advice. I am still having a hard time with that. I'll certainly take your words to thought. Great work. Your artwork and layouts always make me smile. Thanks for that. Michelle t

  5. These are fantastic and they show the fun you've had! Isn't it wonderful to enjoy what you do!!!

  6. Very nice!! You are so right about finding your style and it just feels right!


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