Wednesday, March 25, 2015

We are Having Fun...

Oh yes, we are! Over in May's Vacation Scrapbooking class... we really are having fun! May's classes are always jam-packed with content and this one is no exception! And, I speak with great authority on that as I am one of six people contributing to this awesome class :)

Now, before you leave me here... thinking "I never go anywhere, I don't have any need for a vacation class..." Ah! Not true! In fact, many of the projects I am contributing have nothing to do with actual vacations.

Why then, are they part of a vacation class? Oh, I am glad you asked!

You see... when it comes down to it, the only difference between vacation scrapping and regular scrapping is that it is potentially more "epic."

As in... out of your comfort zone, full of ephemera, more photos than you typically work with, etc, etc, etc...

All those things can potentially trip us up in our scrapping, right? That's where this class comes in! I venture to say that even if you haven't been on a vacation in forever and you don't see one in your future, this class is still for you!

So, don't wait! Head on over to, using this special link that will give you $5 off! The link is good until April 9.

I hope to see you there!

Oh, and while we are talking about fun things...

Have you seen the sneak of the April Cocoa Daisy Kit?

Seriously!?!? Look at all the cuteness. Emoji wood veneers? LOVE! Kits go on sale to subscribers on the 28th. Head on over to subscribe now and reserve your kit! And, be sure to stop by the message boards at 8 pm EST on the 28th to chat during reveal. It's always a fun time!


  1. Kit looks so cute. The papers are cool though I have to admit I don't get the pineapples. Looking forward to seeing some of your new layouts. Michelle t

  2. It's almost the end of March but I think I need this class.....


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