Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ramblings on Style and Shopping...

Hello and happy Friday!

CHA is just behind us and, like most of you, I have been enjoying all of the coverage online and filling up my Pinterest Wish List!

After pinning the first few "must have" items, I noticed something...

I am shopping differently than I used to. At first thought, I wasn't too sure why. But, after a little bit of pondering, I realized it's because I am scrapping quite a bit different than I used to. 

Now, this is nothing out of the ordinary, of course. I think we can all say that our layouts from several years ago are a bit different than what we are creating today. 

Normal evolution of style

What surprised me though, was the idea that my shopping should have an evolution to it as well.

You see, if I am scrapping differently, then I should be shopping and purchasing my supplies differently too, right?

Seems obvious, yes? Well.... not to me! HA! Well, at least not until I started pinning my wish list from CHA 2015.

Note to self: Update shopping habits to correspond with scrapping style

So, what is different in my style and how am I translating that to my shopping?

White. I use it. A lot of it. All the time. 
If fact, the other day I thought I might mix things up a bit and try doing white on cream...
And no matter what I tried, it just wasn't coming together. So, I returned to the one thing that I have gotten so comfortable with lately...

white on white...
Sometimes I think to myself "oh, I am just doing the same thing over and over again." But, you know what? It's ok. Picasso had his blue period, right? In fact, all of the masters can be pin-pointed by very particular styles... Warhol, Van Gogh, Degas, O'Keefe... the list goes on.

So, I am enjoying the evolution of my style and playing within the things that I have found comfortable and enjoyable. Plus, even though some things are staying the same, there is still plenty of play and experimentation going on. With each new project, new ideas are explored and subtle evolution of style can still be seen. This is how we grow as crafters. 

In fact...
There is freedom in exploration within the confidence of knowing what I like. 

See....white on white. Much better. 
So, why do I like this tone on tone approach so much?
Well, I feel like it gives me so much more freedom in embellishing and general "playing around..."
So, with the onslaught of white in my style, I now find that I am using much smaller amounts of patterned paper. Don't get me wrong, I still love it! But, since I am no longer grabbing for patterns in my backgrounds, I don't need to be buying as much 12x12 paper. 

I must say, this was a small revelation for me. It took realizing that I still had patterned paper in my stash from CHA 2014 combined with the new items I was pinning, to realize that I really do not need to be purchasing so much 12x12.
And, it turns out that when I do grab for whole sheets of 12x12, I tend to pull simple and more monochromatic options... like the black and white stripe that this layout is backed with...
This means that if there is a collection that has loads of fabulous patterns that I love, I am going to get the 6x6, no question. And if there are just a few patterns I like, then I will pick up those single sheets in 12x12...especially the ones that are good for fussy cutting.

And with the move toward more tone on tone, little bits of pattern, and soft colors contrasted with simple patterns, I am also finding a greater love for color mediums in my stash.

As my style has moved towards more white space, I am finding that most of my layouts get a little finishing touch of color in the form of wet media... watercolor, mist, etc...

In summary...
This year I will be buying more:
Blending Tools
Mixed Media Paper
Die Cuts
6x6 Pads

And Less:
Collection Packs
Large Pattern Paper
Large Stickers
Large Alphas

You can see my specific picks over on my "Want It, Need It, Have to Have It" Pinterest Board.

And since this board is ongoing, from CHA to CHA, you can look back and see how my wishes have changed.

Luckily I finally figured out that my shopping needs to be in sync with my scrapping style!

So, while I am waiting for all of the new goodies to hit store shelves, I scrapped up that layout above to start my 2015 album. It's full of Cocoa Daisy Embellishments, a Kim Stewart for Studio Calico stamped image turned cut file (using my Brother Scan N Cut), and of course... lots of white!


  1. I love the a White on White Ashli, with the pop of Teal!

  2. So, I'm now following you on Pinterest, that's one good thing. :) I also enjoy your blog now by letting in open on my iPhone. I'm not reading blogs so much anymore... But a good blog is always good to read! Ha! :) love your style. It's so different. :)

  3. I agree the teal with the white and the bit of gold is beautiful. You rock white like no one else can. Interesting and inspiring post. Gave me lots to think about. I don't think I've been scrapbooking long enough for my style to evolve. Sometimes I don't think I have a style. Thanks for sharing. Michelle t

  4. Oh friend,
    I know what you are talking about here. I took such a scrappy hiatus in 2014, I didn't even know if I would really want to get back to it. Well..... I DO!!! But my style has definitely changed and for the better. I'm loving simple things more, and I've picked up my Art Journal to explore that more artsy side, even taking May's Find the Art in Your Journal class right now. So fun!! Hugs ~~ dawn


  5. I am shopping differently than I used to. At first thought, I wasn't too sure why. But, after a little bit of pondering, I realized it's because I am scrapping quite a bit different than I used to. Coach


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