Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Another Christmas... Journaled!

We are just a few days into January, and I am pleased to report that I have finished my 2014 December Journal! YAY!

If you missed my previous posts regarding my simplistic approach this year, you can find them here:

All caught up? Great! 

Let's see how this little book ended up, shall we?

Lots of layering of bits...
 And documenting the unexpected. Good thing hubby's ER bracelets matched my color scheme....
A little pocket for extra journaling...
 Touches of red and mint green, along with lots of white...
 And plenty of large photos. 
 Gotta love the before and after mayhem, eh?
 It was certainly a Merry Christmas!
Broken foot and all...

I may or may not have encouraged a red cast so that it would match my December Journal...
 And that's a wrap!
 All tidy in this little album...
Remember how I said it would be on a layout eventually? Well, indeed it is and I have a video tutorial in the works for you on that one! Stay tuned...


  1. Lovely album and especially the photos. Your girls look so sweet and happy. And what's a Christmas without a little unexpected surprise like a broken foot? Beautiful documentation. Michelle t

  2. Gorgeous album!!! Love the pictures and all the sweet details too.

  3. This is beautiful! It has a rather ethereal look with all the white-love it! Only a Scrapbooker would ask for a cast to match!! LOL!! Hope your hubby is ok.

  4. Hope your dear hubby is healing well. Love all the layering (one of your creative strengths.) ~ Laura

  5. Just wondering if those pages was sewed onto the cover? Or individual sewed in?

    1. Hi! They are sewn all at once to the cover :)


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