Thursday, November 6, 2014

Are Silkscreens a Must Try?

So, you may know that I have a Pinterest Board entitled Must Try This...
I pin crafty things I want to try and pull from that idea board time to time.

So far, I have tried:

Paper Rolls
Clear Plastic Banners
Stitched Felt Letters
A Custom iPhone case

What's next, you ask? Circle cut kiddo drawings, that's what!

When I saw this layout, by SC user SRGRAGG, I just knew I wanted to try this idea!

And while I was at it, I figured I would also give some silkscreens a try. These came in my SC kit and I gotta say, I was leery of these when they arrived. 
My first thought was... "um..ok, why is this different/better than the many stencils I have?"
But, I am always willing to try something, so I set about doing just that. I ended up incorporating the silkscreens onto my layout inspired by the aforementioned. 
I am absolutely in LOVE with this way of handling ephemera! I have countless doodles that my children make and some are just too good to end up in the trash bin. But, on the flip side... let's be honest... exactly how many of these drawings can one realistically keep?

Well, this is just the perfect way to give a good representation of a child's drawing style at a certain age...
In this case... Art at age 3! See that wood circle used to highlight the 3? That is a leftover bit from the Cocoa Daisy November kit that I was lucky enough to guest design with. I think those circles are awesome and I am so glad to still have a couple. The kit is still available, by the way. It's a great one!
So, what about the silkscreen? Well, I can see the benefits, mostly in lightly colored, detailed images. What do I mean by that? Well, the way the silkscreens adhere to the paper while the wet medium is being applied makes for a nice crisp image. But, if crispiness is your concern, you really could just use a stamp, right? Yep! Unless... you are wanting to use a very light color, or white. You see... I have found stamping in light colors to be a little tricky, mostly due to the fact that there really isn't an amazingly precise white ink. Or, maybe that's just my user error :)

At any rate... I can certainly see the benefit of getting a crisp white image using one of these silkscreens. Like I did on this layout... 

See the words under the circles there? Those are the silkscreen in action!
 I also used the stars to scatter about on the layers by the photo:
And since I was on an ephemera kick, I went ahead and incorporated a collection of tickets from Frozen on Ice, onto a page... 
Complete with more silkscreened stars:
 I really do like how those stars look on that light blue:
So, what's the final verdict on the silkscreens? Well....

Here's the deal... I don't clean my supplies. My brushes sit in water. My stencils have caked up paint on them. My stamps live with ink residue on them. And, let's just say that I have learned through trial and error that dried modeling paste can indeed be soaked off of a stencil in a warm water bath.

Ahhh... but these lovely little silkscreens have teeny tiny holes. Hence the name: "screen." This is also how they create such nice and precise images. But, that means that you really do have to clean them. If you don't, the holes clog. When the holes clog, you lose part of your image.

As you can see below, I did not effectively clean mine.

I really don't want a collection of supplies that MAKE me clean them. I mean really, how presumptuous. HA!

Now, what happens if the most adorable and "I need that now or I may pass out" image comes along and it is only available in a silkscreen? I will get it. But, will I be building a collection of these to use over and over again in my crafting? Not likely.

However, I will most certainly be using that circle technique with my kiddo's drawings again!


  1. This iS why I love your blog Ashli! So real! You don't need everything that's the latest product out there and you admit you don't clean your supplies. I do want to dig out some baby art to scrap though. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love these layouts! Your silk screening looks so professional! I would not have guessed you made that paper, I would have thought it was professionally printed/purchased if I didn't read your blog post. I too am a messy scrapper who does not clean up and my lack of responsibility has always prevented me from trying silk screening. You however may convince me I at least need to try it. :)

  3. Both layouts are so beautiful. Again your photos are awesome. My husband is taking our daughter to see Frozen on Ice the week after Christmas, they come to Philly every year at that time and it's a tradition. I love those circles! And what a great idea to use one to incorporate the 3 in your title. Crazy over the star silkscreen. Great layouts. Michelle t

  4. Lovely, I tried my silk screens and yeah wasn't super excited, would rather use stencils. Great idea with the circles pity my " children" are now 20 and 22.

  5. oh my gosh Ashley I can so relate. I don't clean my stuff either. it better hold up or it won't get used again. I haven't tried the silk screens for the very same reason. I love this layout. Kids art is my favorite thing in the world. I was an art teacher in my old life.

  6. LOVING the hand drawned pieces of your children :) beautiful as usual!!! x

  7. Love how you used this technique Ashli and your layout is gorgeous!


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