Thursday, September 11, 2014

Me... A Work in Progress

Hello there and happy Friday!

A couple of months ago, I was thinking I needed a little project or class, or some sort of "assignment" to propel my scrapping and give me a little motivation...

Well, as luck would have it... I found just the thing over at Studio Calico and signed up for the month long class with Maggie Holmes, 30 days of Me.

Then... the next day, I got a lovely email from May Flaum inviting me to work with her on her new class! HA! Well, talk about something to propel and motivate me. In fact, you can read more about my contribution here

Turns out I didn't really need a class after all. 

But, I am happy to report that I have been able to take advantage of the prompts and content provided in this awesome class and am working away on a little mini, all about little ole me...
I was lucky enough to sign up in time to receive the kit for this class and it is so full of loveliness!
Maggie's prompts really are perfect for jotting down things I wouldn't normally think to document about myself...
 I must admit, I felt a bit uncomfortable at first focusing so much on myself...
 But, seeing a gallery of projects where people are doing the same thing certainly helps...
 It really is fun to document the seemingly mundane...
 ...because in future years it will no longer seem so mundane...
I am incorporating plenty of versions of this gorgeous stamp designed by Kim Stewart. I purchased it in the Yeats Poet Society add-on. This class included lovely cut files from Kim, but since I don't do electronic die cuts, I am putting this stamp to use and it is perfection!
Oh... and lots of selfies. 

A word about selfies...
They make me feel old. Back in Art College, some 15+ years ago, there was no such thing. In fact, no one had their own phone. We had a pay phone in the common area. There was no Facebook or Instagram. Many people still didn't even have email.

As a photography student, we were often given assignments to do self portraits. Not selfies, self portraits. If we didn't go to the trouble to set up a tripod, we were holding our 35 mm cameras at arm's length, manually adjusting the f-stop and shutter speed, and hoping for the best. We would take many, many exposures... sometimes a whole roll of film or more. Yes, film. Digital photography had yet to reach the consumer marketplace. With said roll of film, we would head to the chemical-laden darkroom and hope that we got something worthy of the class critique.

Self portraits. Not selfies.
I feel old....
Nonetheless, I find it so interesting how phone cameras, more specifically forward facing phone cameras, have really changed the landscape of photography and have given us so many more options as to how we can document... especially when it comes to ourselves.
Likewise, the instantaneous nature of phone photography and the ability to print at home make projects like this all the more possible... especially when including random shots like my "mom bag."
 And it never hurts to document favorite colors...
 Yes, I am still learning. I hope to always be learning...
 And this class is helping me get all of those random thoughts and facts down... that my girls can one day read about and learn from them too.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!


  1. LOVE what you have done so far Ashli!! I just got my kit yesterday so you have totally inspired me to get crafting!!!

  2. Love your album, Ashli!! And you definitely don't look old, so snap away for those selfies!! 😄

  3. Love your album! so pretty & I can't believe that you are 36! You look much younger.. :)

  4. Yes you are young (just take my word for it). And you look young too. Anyway great mini. I think this is something I want to do down the road, maybe the right class and timing will be better. Awesome the homeschooling. I seriously considered it, but really did a lot of soul searching and that plus the needs of my boys at the time didn't fit. As it turned out they and my daughter are doing well, plus other circumstances over the years have proven it was the right decision. For us. But I still think it's awesome, a great thing. Thanks for the peek in your album. And good luck with May's class, you''ll be great. Michelle t

  5. So so so so gorgeous Ashil!!! You are such an inspiration!
    - Michelle Looi xoxo

  6. Looks fabulous and it is a great thing to now own and be able to show your girls.

  7. Ashli, this is so gorgeous I love it..I am taking the class as well and must say it's been one of my favourites to date. I purchased the cut files from Kim another love. I really love your take on the album and ha you're not old wait until you get to fifty but then I don't think that's old either.

  8. BEAU-TI-FUL! I just LOVE how you use scraps of various sizes as pages, need to try that too :)

  9. Your album is so good! Makes me want to try this with scraps. Also, your remark about the self-portraits made me laugh :) I took a photo class in school and we had to take these, too, then develop them ourselves. Thankfully, no official critiquing in class...

  10. this is such a precious album ashli!!


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