Monday, August 11, 2014

Tag, I'm It!

Hello, hello! Two posts in one day? Well, that's a first! 

If you are looking for the weekly Simon Challenge (see pict above), check it out here.

So, now for a fun little "hop" post. 

A couple of weeks back, the lovely and talented (and when I say talented, I mean the kind of "this looks effortlessly placed and so carefree, yet perfect at the same time, kind of scrapbooking" talent) Sasha Farina asked me to participate in a super fun blog hop where you get "tagged." Seriously, she is amazing and I was so complimented to get tagged by her! 

Tagged? What am I talking about?

You see, Sasha was tagged by Jill, then I was tagged by Sasha and at the end of this post, I will tag some lovely ladies. Everyone who gets tagged in this fun, and possibly perpetual game, writes a post answering certain questions. Just a fun thing for our community to get to know one another better. Fun, right? Right!

So, here we go...

1. What am I working on right now?
I've been noodling around on a layout for week 6 of Camp Scrap. The view below shows my desk "cleaned" up after I think I am done with the page. (Turns out I wasn't actually done, and I ended up cutting it apart and putting it back together again! More on that in a minute...)
That is about as clean as it gets! Oh, and you might notice the crazy lighting? That picture was taken at about 11 pm. Dark outside, bad lighting inside. Whatever works, right?

Speaking of clean... 
Notice that beautiful mess there on the right hand side?
That's my beloved scrap pile. I can not scrap without this! It lives there and is in a constant state of subtraction and addition. Use a little, add a little. Every now and then I sort through it and throw away the ridiculously small pieces. Not that often, though...

So, what about the layout I mentioned above? I finally finished it and here it is!
I used a sketch from Camp with May and it was quite helpful in getting all of these photos on one page! 

2. How long does it take me to create a project?
Well, this is hard to answer as I RARELY have time to work from start to finish in one sitting. Most of my layouts are done in short bursts of time throughout a day or two. I think when all is said and done it is maybe an hour or two?

3. What are my favorite things to create with at the moment?
White. I can't seem to get enough of it! I was late to the white party. Partially because I am wired with a weird resistance to anything that seems to be what everyone else does. And partially because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE pattern. But lately I am finding that I love pattern even more when it is on a field of white. Also, I think in my subconscious I am liking the calmness of it. As you might guess, my world is anything but calm right now with four kids, aged eight and under... one of which is a baby! So, I guess I have to create calm on my pages for now :)

In addition to white, I am loving clouds, gold mist, watercolor, tiny stamps. vellum, deers and woodland creatures (what is that about? LOL) and my ever favorite Pitt Pens.

4. How does my writing/creating process work?
Find inspiration. Pull Products. Over think. Change Products. Think again. Think some more. Move things around. Cut things up. Photograph the progress. Stare and ponder said photographs. Cut things into smaller pieces. Move things around. Over think it some more. Glue it all down. Decide I don't like it. Cut it all up. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Decide I like it. Photograph it. Blog it.

No wonder it takes me a couple of hours to flesh out a page!

5. How do I become inspired and stay inspired?
Techniques. Honestly, I love experimenting and trying new things. Most of the time they end up as final pages, but sometimes it's just fun to play. My initial inspiration usually comes from a design or technique idea. I then find the photo and the story. These combined with the fun techniques and products is what fuels me to the finish line.

6. What is my signature style?
Hmmmm.... this is SO hard to answer. I know when I look at a gallery of my work, it all looks like I made it. But, it's hard to pin one thing down as to why. If I had to take a good stab at it, I would say lots of mixed media, layering, tiny pieces of paper, and penwork.

Well.... that was way more than you wanted to know about me, I am sure! If you are still with me... you get the gold stars! Meaning, you now get to go visit some amazingly talented ladies... the ladies I am tagging to be exact!

  • First up is the unbelievably amazing Anke Kramer. Anke is a German scrapbooker who has such a way with color. I can find inspiration in every single thing she makes. I follow her blog and her Instagram and each post is full of eye candy!

  • Next up is the ever creative Patricia Roebuck. Seriously, Patricia is so inventive. Every one of her pages has me staring at it and wondering "why didn't I think of that?!?!?" Not only does she use product in a wonderfully innovative way, but her designs are always so interesting. Every page is unique, yet so "her."

  • And finally, we have the fabulous Riikka Kovasin. This girl from Finland rocks mixed media like no other! The texture and detail in every one of her projects has my jaw gaping at first glance. She is super prolific and each and every page is pure magic! She also does quite a bit of mixed media work "off the page" and it is all completely inspiring.

So, be sure to check back in with each of these lovelies next Monday as they will continue on this fun "hop!"

Thanks for reading and I will see you soon!


  1. Fun post! Love getting more insight into your process. And that layout is fabulous. Love the grid/column design. :)

  2. Love reading your Blog Tour post, Ashli! It's always fun to learn more about our scrappy friends and their creative process.

  3. Love your blog . It's always inspiring to see your creations and it's interesting to learn more about your creative process in this post. I feel very honored to be tagged by you. Thanks again. :)

  4. Hi Ashli, I loved that sketch by May too. I needed a guide for more then 3 or 4 photos on a page. I'm deciding which story to do first. Anyway, I loved reading about your process too. I overthink too, but it can take a week from start to finish for me. I have to craft in small blocks of time too like you. Seriously I still don't know how you get it done so fast. And I just love your soft and pretty mixed media work. Michelle t

  5. i love your style.. and you totally have a style. I can spot your layout before i read the description!! LOVE your style, Love your talent! Love you! :)

  6. Finally getting over here. Loved reading about you! Gorgeous layout! I am with you on resisting what everyone else does, but sometimes you have to try, BUT make it your own. And you have! Great post, and thank you soooo much for tagging me! Means so much to me! that was a lot of !!! <3

  7. I adore your style and the whimsical feel the pages have! They are full of joy! Thank you so much for tagging me!

  8. Gorgeous layout! Thank you for sharing your story, love to get to know you more in this blogging-land :)


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