Tuesday, August 5, 2014


"I really SHOULD make time to scrap."
"I really SHOULD work on my daughter's baby book."
"I really SHOULD get caught up."
"I really SHOULD do Project Life."
"I really SHOULD scrap faster."

Um... that's a whole lotta shoulds and not one bit of FUN! And that is what scrapbooking "SHOULD" be... FUN!

Welcome to day two of the "There is No Scrapbooking Police" Blog Hop Series, hosted by the lovely and talented Cara Vincens!

Now, before I dive into things here... a word about Cara...
Have you ever visited her blog? You totally should! Not only does she make some pretty awesome stuff, but she actually "writes" her posts. Yes, I know... we all write our posts, but she actually scans in her handwriting and posts it....
like this...
and this...
How cool is that? So creative!

So, back to our "SHOULDS."

Do you think scrapbook pages should be fast and simple, just to get them done?

Well, while there is nothing wrong with fast, or simple, I most certainly take issue with this whole idea of "just get it done."

This is our hobby. This is one of our greatest joys. We love playing with little bits of pretty paper. Right? Right!

So, let's not get caught up in the "I'm so behind and I need to just get this done" mentality.

Let's enjoy the process!
I know I sure do!
Now, you might be thinking...

"That's wonderful Ashli. But, I have been in the 'get it done' mode for years. How on earth do you suggest I break out of that?"

Oh, I am so very glad you asked.

(And, if that wasn't you asking... I am sure you have a friend who has said that. Friends don't let friends scrap fast? HA! Sorry... couldn't resist that one. Anyhooo...)

If you want to slow down and enjoy the process more, here a few things to keep in mind while scrapbooking...

  • Figure out your favorite part of the process. For me, I absolutely LOVE playing with all of the little bits. Shuffling them around, grouping them, and piling them up. So, I do it. A lot. I want to have fun while I am making my pages. If I spend time doing my favorite parts... then it will be fun!
  • Dive deep into your story. I don't necessarily mean with tons of journaling (although, you know I am a fan of that). What I mean is remember that while you are scrapbooking a story, you are spending time with those memories. Enjoy that. Find the humor. Express it on your page. Don't be afraid of the whimsy that can result. Case in point? The umbrella below. There is quite a bit of irony including an umbrella on a layout all about grass that refuses to grow, yes?

  • Don't think about the end result. Oh sure, it's a great idea to have a general concept of design and such. But, don't let it trap you while you scrap. Have fun! Mess up! Change it. Cut it apart. Paste it back together.
  • Don't settle. If you don't like where your page is going, or even the end result, don't be afraid to rework things. How many times do you think this page was scrapped, photographed and then redone? One? Two? NOPE... what you are looking at on this page is the FOURTH version! Yep. Did that drive me crazy? Not in the slightest. I was having fun and kept coming up with new things to try and ways to rework things to more of my liking. 

  • Enjoy the details. Layers of paper, twine in a button hole, vellum butterflies... whatever the case may be. Enjoy those moments that you are creating within the memory of your page. You might be surprised at how much more you like the end result when you savor these minutiae.
  • Don't prioritize the holidays. Excuse me? Am I suggesting that you stop scrapbooking Christmas? Of course not! But, I would encourage you not to prioritize those pages. If those are on your "have to get done" list, I think you might find yourself caught up in the "scrap it fast" trap. If you don't feel like scrapbooking Christmas, then don't. It will be ok. If you are afraid you will lose some of the memories, then just journal your thoughts and stick that in the page protector. You see, when it comes to enjoying the process, you will enjoy it more if you are inspired and pumped about the memory. You know... like grass that won't grow. HA!

It seems that this season, grass is indeed too much to ask for around here! But, having fun while I scrapbook it? That is certainly NOT too much to ask for!

Was this page fast? Uh... no. I don't think redoing it 3 different times counts as fast! Is this page simple? Not really. Was it fun to make? You betcha! I had a blast. I loved making it and I love the end result. That, my friends... is what I love most about this hobby... the process!

Oh, and if you are sitting here thinking how hard it is for you to find the time to scrap fast, let alone to savor the process... be sure to check out my series on Fitting it all In. Lots of tips and a look into how I manage to find time to play with paper :)
And speaking of fun stuff... you might have noticed some fun and interesting papers within all of that layering up above. That is something very exciting that I have in the works for my Etsy Shop! Coming soon....

Ok, so now that you are armed with some tips to help you slow down and savor the process of this fabulous hobby, go make something fun! And, be sure to check back in tomorrow  with the lovely Jen Gallacher as our hop continues!

The complete list is below...

August 4 - Paige Evans
A Scrapbooking page SHOULD always have a story and lots of journaling

August 5 - Ashli Oliver (That's ME!)
Scrapbook pages SHOULD be fast and simple to just get them done

August 6 - Jen Gallacher
Scrapbook pages SHOULD look perfect

August 7 - Melissa Shanhun
Digital scrapbook pages should look as much like a paper page as possible 

August 8 - Ashley Calder
Scrapbooking SHOULD be done *this* way  

August 9 - Caroline Davis
A Scrapbooker SHOULD scrapbook FOR her family

August 10 - Lisa Harris
Scrapbooking SHOULD be a legacy for the scrapbooker's family

August 11 - Connie Hanks
A scrapbooker SHOULD follow the trends and be aware of what others think of her pages

August 12 - Marie-Pierre Capistran
A Scrapbooker SHOULD scrapbook chronologically

August 13 - Nancy Gaines
Scrapbooking SHOULD be 12x12 traditional paper pages

August 14 - Cara Vincens
A scrapbooker SHOULD always be caught up

Thanks for joining me today!


  1. oh Ashli! This is such a lovely page!!! And your post was fun to read. Lots to think about!! :)

  2. Ashli, this is a fabulous page! I love your layering and little bits you add. And your pages are always SO YOU. :)

  3. thanks for the sweet words!
    This post and page are so wonderful!! Thank you so much for joining the blog series!!

  4. LOVE the items in your Etsy shop. You're so talented. :)

  5. Very fun! Love your layering and the bits. I don't follow rules per se, my problem is wanting to try new things and potentially not getting them right. And I'm a very slow scrapper. But enjoy the process? Yes. Very much so. Michelle t

  6. I always love what you create! Your love of having fun oozes off your pages. And I LOVE your Etsy shop!

  7. " This is one of our greatest joys." Love this, Ashli. Scrapbooking is certainly one of the joys in my life. What would I do if I were "caught up", if I had no more photos to play with? Would that mean no more pretty paper, no more divine embellishments to add to my wish lists?

  8. Great ideas for the creative process, Ashli! And your layout is really gorgeous!!

  9. So much "word" to your whole post! Great tips you've included, and a beautiful page. Off to check out that Etsy shop!

  10. Thanks for a great post and a whole host of other blogs to check out when I "should" be scrapping lol. No seriously, there is some great ideas and talent and thanks for introducing me to them.

    A beautiful layout. I too enjoy the hobby part of creating and when I have time for that I feel a sense of calm stealing over me and then feel genuinely happy when I have thought up a new idea and executed it. When I am in a rush, I sometimes like to get it done. True, I might not love the pages so much but as the months go by and I look back at the scrapbooks, the papers and embellies fade into the background. I rarely look at what I did, I am looking for the stories and looking at the photos and thinking of the memories so I like to get it done sometimes rather than not as I have never had time to go back and catch up :-)

    Thanks, again for a great post.

  11. Hi. I'm just getting 'caught up' with my blog reading. I don't follow any of the 'rules' in that blog hop list and your comment on not prioritising holidays made me smile - I have less Christmas pages than any other time of year. I do think, however, that a lot of people find a blank piece of card stock or paper very daunting and having some rules or guides can help get over that hurdle. That said, I do agree that it's all about enjoying the process and liking what you produce - otherwise what's the point?


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