Thursday, May 29, 2014

Roundup and Recap - May 2014

Hello, hello! May is coming to an end... so, I believe it's time for a little R and R. And by that, I mean...

That's right! Welcome to the end-of-month newsletter style post, here at The Mailbox.

This is the time and place where I will share what has caught my eye around the web, things I am loving, what I hope to try soon, and more...

Let's jump right in, shall we?

We are happily settling into a new normal here with our new little one and I am even managing to squeeze in some crafting time here and there...making lots of messes again!
Oh, and my toddler has a new found love of flair. Smart girl, she is!
I have lots of things going on in the studio and I can't wait to share more...

I first became familiar with Anke Kramer's work through Instagram. She has the most lovely style of soft layers combined with unabashed boldness. This layout she recently blogged is no exception:
I personally find it so hard to make a layout feel light and airy when using large pieces of patterned paper. Anke's layout so inspires me as she has been able to achieve the light and airy feel while still using larger elements. Gorgeous!

Oh, and she has the cutest dog that makes frequent appearances on her Instagram feed:)

  • Tags. I used to make them quite a bit and I haven't in a while. Time to get back to that!

I recently asked for requests on Instagram for upcoming videos.
I got a lot of great suggestions and am getting to work on those! 
I would love to hear any requests here as well!

I also managed to convince my toddler to give me back my flair and I have a few posts coming up for A Flair For Buttons.

Also... I mentioned last month that I am hoping to create a fabric covered journal. More on that soon...

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!


  1. I love Anke's work too! She always has such beautiful designs!

  2. Love your work, and those butterflies are gorgeous! Love Penny

  3. I love those butterfly die cuts and can't wait to see them on a layout. Love that awesome patterned paper on your desk too. Looking forward to seeing your videos and your flair posts. As far as videos go I enjoy seeing all of your techniques. Michelle t


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