Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Rolling With It...

In a continuing effort to make the most of my "must try this" Pinterest board... I have a new layout to share with you today!

I first spotted this gorgeous page by Jen Jockish for Studio Calico on Pinterest and was immediately taken with it! I was most specifically inspired by the paper rolls. I have always admired this technique, but have mostly seen it utilized in a more shabby chic style. This layout by Jen, however, incorporates them beautifully into a clean, graphic, and modern style. 

I knew I had to try something similar! Let's take a look...

I know I want to begin with an informal grid of sorts, so I have gathered my photos and a background of kraft:
The colors in these photos are a little strange. They are either taken through a video baby monitor or in very low lighting. Or both. 

Soooo.... I am thinking some black and white elements might help unify them, or detract from the strange colors... or something. Hence, the addition of the Amy Tan Project Life cards...
And now for the paper rolls! This is not as easy as it looks, people! After quite a bit of fiddling, I managed to end up with some rolls that weren't completely scrunched, creased, and bent. And then... how to make them stay in a roll? I tried several things. In the end, I resorted to scotch tape. Don't judge.
And then.... the kraft just wasn't working for me. Maybe it was too dark, a bit dingy, not graphic enough? I am not totally sure, but I do know that it was just not working.

Maybe white? Or grey and white dots? Or both?
Or just dots?
Or just white? YES!

OK.... with that settled, a few pencil lines will spruce this up a bit...
And some watercolor...
Rolls in place with twine tied. Oh... it turns out the twine is KEY to this look. Or at least to the way I wanted it to look. I feel like it took those rolls from clumsy blobs of scraps to something purposeful and unified.
See? Pretty!
And there we have it!
In case you are wondering, that is in fact my toddler asleep standing up. She decided that this was her preferred method of slumber for the majority of this winter. Not wanting to be in her bed, she would stand up to call for us, but in her sleepiness, would pass out again in the upright position. One would think her legs would relax and she would lay down. But no...this girl has perseverance, I tell ya! This will serve her very well one day. Thankfully, she outgrew this funny quirk in a few months. 

And it certainly made for a fun layout, yes?
Thanks for stopping by! see you soon :)


  1. What a beautiful layout! Thanks for giving all the details and how-to's. Your little girl is just precious! Love.

  2. LOVE IT!! I love the way you got the colors to work and your little paper rolls too! Sweet pictures!

  3. Very cute! Wow I've never seen paper rolls on a layout before. Really cute element on your page. Michelle t

  4. Oh that is too funny about her sleeping standing up!
    And such a pretty page! Really love the grid design!


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