Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Can We Scrapbook Together?

My eight year old daughter came to me recently and said, "mama... can we scrapbook together?"

I am sure you all can guess what my answer was... YES!

This ended up being such a sweet time together. You see, she loves to craft and usually has lots of little projects she is working on. I love to see what she creates. She is amazingly creative and will craft things from doll furniture to princess crowns in a matter of moments. It is jaw dropping to see what she can do with a cardboard box and she rocks out her sewing machine like no other eight year old I have ever seen. I marvel at her inventiveness. As typical with most creative minds, she typically has her own way of doing things and likes to tackle projects on her own. I have no idea where she gets that from...

Anyhoo... this time, she actually did want to do it together! TOGETHER! As in... what is your opinion, mom? What do you think, mom? Be.Still.My.Heart. As she is so wonderfully confident and independent, these moments are rare when it comes to her own creative endeavors.

I jumped at the opportunity to show her some fun drippy things with watercolors and Gelatos. And, being one for more linear compositions and a keen sense of order, she quickly showed me that the most logical choice for the sequin placement would be in a central and color matched fashion. Love her :)
I layered up the doily and the vellum banner, while she chose the placement of the bow and drew the lovely rainbow...
We then doodled some clouds and signed our names. So special! Usually, when she makes a page, she puts it in an album of her own. However, we truly did make this together.... so, I believe it must go in the family album, complete with a page telling the story!
With our completed page near, I set about layering up some bits for the right hand side of this double pager...
I wanted to incorporate elements of our page design on this additional page, but I don't want to dominate the spread, so I am going to go for subtle circle elements and lots of white and grey. Here I am laying out the title on my sketched out circles...
And now some white paint will tone those letters down...
And with that dry... time for some watercolors...
I love the way that highlights the letters, but doesn't make them pop too much!
Lots of journaling added to tell this sweet story of this sweet moment that meant so much to me...
And, lots of FLAIR too!
And here are the two pages together!
This page will always hold such special memories for me...
time with my girl, working together, learning from one another...
THAT is pure joy!
Darling... we can scrapbook together anytime!
I loved every second of it!
Thanks for stopping by.

See you soon!


  1. Such a sweet moment Ashli, and I love the rainbow technique the two of you created!! And your layout to document the story is so stunning!!

  2. Oh, Ashli, how great is this??!! My daughter just turned four. I'm dreaming about this.

  3. Those came out great. My daughter is 6 & 1/2 & she's been scrapbooking/smashbooking since she was about 3 & 1/2. http://therantingsofadramaqueensmum.blogspot.com

  4. Love this! What a beautiful, sweet memory for you both. Michelle t

  5. Ashli, this is so heartwarming. Congratulations to the newest Scrapbooker in the family!

  6. So sweet! I have a crafty 8 yr old girl as well. We love to art journal together. But I've always just added her scrapbook pages to our normal albums, never even thought about her own album, so now I'll have to ask what she prefers? Lovely pages.


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