Thursday, February 20, 2014

Taking Liberty With Some Panoramas...

Back in October, the hubbs took a week-long trip to complete some course work at Liberty University. Being the scrapper that I am... most of my texts to him ended with, "Send me a pict!!!" 

Well, he was a good boy and gave me plenty of material to scrap. Two of my favorite photos that he sent were panoramas. I wanted to use both of them, in addition to a third photo, but also wanted plenty of room to play with goodies and include a section with his thoughts.

So, I just shrunk those stretched out images down a bit and this is what I ended up with:
Isn't that cute? Well, the economy hotel may not have been cute, but this little print of his picture sure is!
Due to the variety of prints sizes and the other elements I want to include, I am going to go with an informal grid design:
With all my little layers laid out, let's go ahead and sketch out the grid. I am using a heavy hand as I want the pencil lines to stay:
 With those all set, time to get messy!
The usual white paint...

The grid lines offer a wonderful guide for shading. I simply apply the color toward the point where the lines intersect and then I shade out from there. This provides a wonderfully easy way to add some dimension.
 Yep! Love the way that turned out...
While that was drying, I asked hubby to journal on that project life card. Now, I have added that back in place with my other elements and it's time for some washi...
I have everything the way I want it, but still want to add some more dimension. This time, it's Gelatos to the rescue...
 All smooshied out, with some water added...
 Then, I just play with that color... adding it in and around my grid:
 Likey so!
 A week at Liberty...
 ... documented!
Now, of course... while the hubster was away, the girlies and I had to have some fun of our own. We declared it our "Fall Fun Week." And we did have lots of fun indeed! 

I plan to have these pages side by side in my album. So, in a sense, this is a double spread. But, since they are of two different subjects and locations, I chose to focus on a similar color palette along with the grid design structure. This way, they will look like they belong together, but will read as two separate stories.

As you can see, I gathered plenty of Project Life cards, lots of scraps, and just went to town layering...
 Yes! That was fun!
 Thanks for stopping by today. Have a great weekend!


  1. Always love to see how you build a page. Your style is a-m-a-z-i-n-g :)

  2. So pinning that panorama layout!
    I love the idea of shrinking it.
    And I need more gelato ideas :)

  3. Amazing work Ashli!! Love the way you created the grid design!!

  4. Both layouts are really cool. And I like your artwork and techniques too. Michelle t

  5. Great pages, loving the 'he did' / 'we did' theme!

  6. Great idea and love the colour scheme and grid design..

  7. That's awesome. Of course you wanted the pics! Love your layouts. Looks like fall fun week was awesome too. :)


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