Thursday, February 27, 2014

Roundup and Recap - February 2014

Hello, hello! February is coming to an end... so, I believe it's time for a little R and R. And by that, I mean...

That's right! Welcome to the end-of-month newsletter style post, here at The Mailbox.

This is the time and place where I will share what has caught my eye around the web, things I am loving, what I hope to try soon, and more...

Let's jump right in, shall we?

Speaking of Roundups... I have a fun little Recap of Reasons to use Flair up now over at A Flair For Buttons.
I also had the pleasure of joining Noell, Ruth, and Izzy on the Paperclipping Roundtable a couple of days ago. We chatted all about the balance of family time and creative play. 

This is indeed a topic I love talking about. In fact, I did a little series on this subject last fall, Fitting It All In. If you haven't read that, please take a look! And, please be sure to have a listen to the show!

There is always so much fabulous inspiration all over the blogosphere and such! I try my best to peruse my favorites on a regular basis and here is what I found most notable this month:

Leann's work is always inspiring and this layout is no exception. What I love most about it is how she manages to incorporate a grid design of two kinds as well as plenty of mixed media goodness. And, somehow, the focus is still on the photos. Fabulous!
Julie Fei-Fan Balzer recently shared a post of 48 hours in her world. I absolutely love the way she presented this and what's even better is that she linked back to a similar post she did two years prior. This is such a fabulous way to gain perspective on time and the different twists and turns one's life can take. Very inspiring. Plus, if you are anything like me... you will be jealous of how late she sleeps in :)

Die Cuts
Die Cuts

Can't get enough of them....

Seriously. I ordered some of the new American Crafts die sets that were just released... I can't stop playing with them! Not to mention some of the Simon Says Stamp exclusives that have recently found a home in my studio. There are so many possibilities!

Speaking of those aforementioned possibilities... I might just have a video coming soon :)

And while we are talking about videos, I have forged ahead with my idea to do a series on Trends and will be sharing more on that soon.

Oh yeah - and then there is the little detail of another person soon to come in soapHOUSE. It's very possible that the next time we have a Roundup and Recap post, I will officially be a mother of four little ladies! Let's hope so anyway... I am usually late and really like that my due date is in March. But, the wee one might have her sights set on April. We shall see...

Thanks for stopping by and I will see you soon!


  1. Hey girl! I recently listened to your podcast with the Paperclipping Roundtable and I just loved it! I too am a homeschooling mama to four girls in Georgia, but my girls were all born in the 90s. The first two were 23 months apart, then the second pair 3 years later were 29 months apart. We ended up with "The Big Girls" and "The Littles." Of course, now that they are 22, 20, 16, and 14, these titles don't work as well.
    I look forward to following your blog as you pursue your creative career while raising godly girls.

    or, fancyscrapper

    PS purple has ALWAYS been my favorite color. :)

  2. I listened to the show. Loved it. I love those little dies too but funny thing is I don't have a die cut machine. Trying to think of a way to be able to use them. Do you think I could use a brayer type thing? Roll it over the die and paper? Oh I guess I'm being silly, wishful thinking, as a machine's not in my immediate future. Anyway I'd love to see a trend series. What a great idea. Michelle t

    1. Hi Michelle! That is a great question... and I am not sure I have the answer. I would say to give it a go using a rolling pin or something to that effect. However, your pressure might have to be really intense. If it helps you to know that I picked up my Sizzix online at JoAnn's when they were offering a coupon, maybe that might be in your future :)

    2. Thanks, Ashley. You're probably right. And since it sounds like I'd have to apply lots of pressure I guess I'm going to have to wait. I don't need an electronic one, I'll have to do some research. Thought I'd ask, it's been one of my biggest crafting questions. Michelle t

  3. Oh shoot meant to say I wish you the best with the new baby girl. So sweet. Michelle t

  4. I love your layout, this pictures are great as well. I love when I get new things, I feel I have to use them a lot to justify the cost. Thanks for stopping by Oh My Heartsie Girl.
    Happy Crafting

  5. I absolutely loved listening to your ideas on Paperclipping Roundtable! Thanks for sharing - your blog is lovely and very inspiring :) Best wishes for your little one's arrival!


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