Thursday, February 6, 2014

Magical Modeling Paste...

In the interest of using up things in my stash before the new CHA items hit my desk (which actually happened yesterday!!!), I have a fun little SMASH embellishment that I picked up once upon a time and it might have started collecting dust. Time to use it!

As you may have guessed... this is indeed my starting point for this layout...
...along with modeling paste. I have really been having fun "embedding" things in modeling paste and that is the direction I want to go with this layout. Here, I am just spreading a super thick layer of paste over my background...
Ok, now... I dreamt up this crazy idea. And, when I say "dreamt up," I mean that fairly literally. It was one of those "3 am can't go back to sleep lay in bed and scrap in my head" moments.

I was thinking that if I laid a stencil over wet modeling paste, then applied matte medium.... I might end up with a subtle resist effect while still allowing the freedom of embedding items in the wet paste...
Here I am just spreading the matte medium around with a tag:
And there it is with the stencil pulled off. I somehow didn't anticipate the texture that the simple action of pulling the stencil off of the wet paste would create. It seems to have dominated the pattern created by the matte medium. But, that's ok... I'm gonna go with it and see what happens!
Now for the embedding!
Pressing little bits and such all about...
Coming together.... that lovely FLAIR helps too!
Now that all of that is good and dry... let's put that resist to the test with some watercolor...
Kinda cool, huh?
Although it didn't turn out quite like I had it scrapped in my brain... I like it!
Besides, it's magical moments like these during creative play that can sometimes produce the most fun and unexpected results...
Full of lovely bits and texture!
Now... go scrap something that has been in your brain for a while and see what happens :)

Thanks for stopping by... have a great weekend!


  1. awesome page! love playing w/ mixed media!

  2. Haha love that you dream about scrapbooking! Great texture!

  3. Oh, you are supposed to use stuff up before you buy new CHA stuff???? I don't seem to have gotten that memo! LOL. Love all the texture that the molding paste adds. Cool layout! :)

  4. Oh my goodness, that is so cool!
    I haven't gotten the nerve up to try that paste!

  5. So amazing Ashli!! Love all the bits and modeling paste!

  6. Incredible ... I'm so glad I visited this morning. I have modeling paste sitting on my craft table right now! I've been working up the nerve to do something with it. Perfect inspiration for a new project. Thanks Ashil! -- Mary Elizabeth


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