Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Heart Banners, Elephants, and an Antique Show...

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, so I thought I would play with some handmade heart garlands and put together a page!

Here is my starting point... a lovely sheet of Crate patterned paper and some photos of my preggers self:
I want this layout to be about how much I love being a mom, but most specifically, how I love being a mom of soon-to-be-four. 

Soooo, before we build this layout, let's make a heart banner! It's super easy... some white cardstock, some punch action...
And a quick run through the sewing machine and we are ready to go!
Alrighty! Let's put this all together. Here I have pulled out some die cuts and such:
And now I just need to lay it all out. That little polka dot kraft bag behind that tag will hold my journaling:
Now, I'll be honest... I had a second thought about adding an elephant to a layout containing pictures of myself as a preggers. But, he is just too cute not to add. Plus, the irony of that is too amusing to pass up...
Now for those heart banners....
Ok, as if that elephant wasn't funny enough, I have now found a die cut that happens to be the perfect color, but it reads "antique show." The doctor loves to remind me that I am of advanced maternal age. HA! Oh well - it is what it is...

And... I do love a good giggle :)
Moving on... 

I have most of my layout in place and now and I just want to highlight some areas using a bit of white paint:
And that pretty much does it!
I love how this came together and had more fun working with all these bits and pieces...
And, I always welcome the excuse to use those random die cut numbers...
And to work up a little homemade embellishment...
Here's hoping you are having a love-filled week!

See you soon.


  1. You look gorgeous pregnant and I love the page. Perfect are the banners.

  2. Gorgeous layout and photos of you, Ashli!! Love the awesome heart banner!!

  3. So beautiful, Ashli, and such a wonderful way to document your pregnancy. Love the banner and other little bits.

  4. Such a neat layout. Congrats. You look beautiful!!!

  5. The page is wonderful but the photos are so gorgeous!
    I'm going to make a heart banner!

  6. No way antique.. You look so young and beautiful in your photos. This page is wonderful I love everything about it.

  7. gorgeous~love the quick and easy banner:)

  8. This is great! I love it when embellishments allow me to work a bit of humor into a page.

  9. you look wonderful, love your pages, they sparkle!

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