Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Tribute and A Video...

Our beloved doxie, Susie, passed away recently... at the ripe old age of 16. She went peacefully in her sleep and never had any major health problems, other than getting old. 

She was a special part of our family and was in fact the ring bearer in our wedding.

So, now that a bit of time has passed, but not too much time as to let the memories fade... I figured it was the perfect time to scrap a page all about her!

And, I am thinking she certainly deserves her own process video, yes?
(Trouble viewing the embedded video? Direct link here: http://youtu.be/9RWHHdDKJRY)

There she is! Our sweet Suz-A-Bus...

And while I was on the subject of Susie, I ended up scrapping another page with a photo of her. My middle daughter just loves animals and this picture sums it up perfectly...
Ah yes, we are all animal lovers around here. In fact this is the first time in my entire life that I have been dogless...
We do have a really cool cat, though. And, another person on the way. So, I think that will keep things at soapHOUSE hoppin' for the time being :)

Thanks for stopping by and i'll see you soon!


  1. Such sweet layouts to remember your family pet, Ashli! My grandparents had 3 dachshunds over my lifetime, and they were always such sweet dogs!!

  2. Gorgeous pages on your beautiful fur baby, they are precious members of the family.

  3. PS just watched your video, love how your Susie got her nickname. As you know from instagram our Scruffy is going on for 16 years this June and is also deaf and going blind and sleeps most of the day. I am dreading the day he leaves us, but like Susie I am hoping he passes peacefully in his sleep

  4. Aww hugs and prayers for your loss. I still miss mine. I see Shirley and Roxie messing around over the dog bowl and Laverne sunning herself by the front door.

  5. I enjoyed watching your video of your layout process. Love the layered bits and mixed media work. Such a precious pet. Michelle t

  6. Both are beautiful layouts. Sorry to hear about the old pup...sure sounds like she had a good run!

  7. How darling to make this wonderful layout for your little Suz. We lost our little four legged kid middle of Oct. she was 15.5 yrs old. I still cry. I think your layout is a wonderful tribute to your Suz. thanks for sharing.

  8. What a beautiful tribute page to the Suze a bus! I have to admit I got teary eyed...we have a Doxie...he is 16 years old, blind, deaf, and sleeps most of the time too. Our beloved Copper, nickname "Coppers" health has declined recently, and after a vet visit last week....well...it's not looking good. So it is comforting to hear your story, smile at that precious snout photo....know that you understand the clip, clapping of nails on the floor...as we affectionately call "The Riverdance"..:)


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