Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Last of the Letter Stickers...

If you are a regular reader here, you have probably figured out by now that I have been on a stash busting mission. Using the term "stash busting" is probably a bit of a stretch as I don't tend to keep a whole lot of stash on hand anyway. However, I do not want a bunch of mostly, yet not completely, used supplies laying around when all of the new CHA goodies that I plan to purchase start hitting the doorstep.

Recently, I did some cards that put quite a dent in my letter stash. But, as you can see from the picture below... I have a long way to go. Now, I could certainly play the word game and make the most of these stickers. But, quite frankly... I don't feel like it. All of these sheets are picked over to the point that only random letters are left and no words could possibly be spelled. I have been flipping through this stack of stickers for a year or more. I am over it. They need to go...
 Some of them will get one last hoorah on a page background, covered in paint...
 And watercolor...
The rest? In the trash! Sometimes you just have to do that, ya know?

(ETA:  After several comments, let me just assure you all... the sheets that went into the trash, were not in any way "donate-able." I promise :) Trust me, if they had any shred of life left in them, my kiddos would have gladly put them to use or I certainly would have donated them. These, I assure you - were much more trash worthy as there really is only so much you can do with a z and a w, yes?)

Okie dokie! 

Let's make a layout! An intro page to my 2014 album to be exact. There is a nice bit of serendipity using the old to make something for the new, yes? 

Here you can see I have worked up a little packet of scraps and now I am playing with ribbon. 

A word about ribbon....

I really like it. I tend to buy it, or take it as a hand-me-down. But, I rarely use it. For some reason, it makes my pages look a little more froo-froo than I like...

This time seems to be no exception and I am struggling with that here:
I finally settled on straight up and down curly cues. I am not sure, but let's forge ahead with some more scraps and such...
 Coming together...
 I do like the soft colors, the texture of the letters and the depth of the layering...
But those ribbons... hmmmmmm....
Somehow they make this page look a bit less like "me." Ahhh - but that's ok. It's fun to try new things. And, I do like it, but it is strange to look at a page that contains a large element that you don't usually include... 
Here's to trying new things in 2014 :)

See you soon!


  1. I think the gold ribbon looks fantastic with your page. I like the letter background too.

  2. I think it all looks fabulous. LOVE the depth of your layering and the ribbon makes me think of streamers for the New Year, so I think it works

  3. I agree with Dolly. It does look like streamers and fits perfectly with this. Now I will admit that I have a ton of ribbon that I hardly ever use. I use seam binding that I color to match but struggle to make a dent in my ribbon.

  4. I have soooo many half used letter stickers! I really need to go through them and use what I can and toss the rest. I'm going to try and find some creative ways to use them up, I really like your idea of using them on a layout.
    Last time I went through my stickers I managed to use some on a notebook-

  5. Cute! Great way to use up those alpha's!

  6. Very pretty!! I have an abundance of half used letter stickers that may get a workover!!

  7. Glorious! Love the whitewashed lettering... I need to start a collection of stickers!!
    Alison xx

  8. Donate them, don't trash them. Loving your blog. :-)

    1. Trust me, I would have if there had been more that the odd w, z, and x on each sheet :)

  9. Love this! Great way to use those extra letters. Love love your style.

  10. I feel your pain as far as too much "stash" and I am also trying to use up as much as possible but never will probably in my lifetime. However, instead of throwing it away, check with your local hospital. Here in Maryland the pediatric wards gladly accept these goodies. Most kids love arts and crafts as you probably know. Anyway, we can both keep plugging away. There is so much I want to order after CHA I will probably have to get a p/t job! Happy weekend. Sue

  11. Wonderful - absolutely wonderful. What started out looking like mishmash ended up being glorious! You dir album page is fantastic!

  12. I love it so much!!! The ribbon gives it a gorgeous touch. LOVE IT.
    And those letters. I need to do this. I have some letters that need some attention.
    This is fantastic!

  13. Great use of your letter sticker stash, Ashli! Love these soft colors!

  14. I love watching you blast through your stash like a boss! It's true crafting for me!

  15. So cute. I need to do something like this.

  16. You have the most amazing layering skills, Ashli! This is beautiful (yes, even with the ribbon). :) I need to use my sticker stash more too. Thank you for this creative idea!

  17. Ciao Ashli! Gorgeous way to use to remants stickers, you got a great background! And such a lovely layering!


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