Thursday, January 16, 2014

Some Stash Busting Notes...

I have been working away at using up all the little bits and pieces that are lying around the studio, in anticipation of the many things I will just NEED from CHA :)

Now, if you have been reading here at The Mailbox for a while, you know that making cards is not really my favorite thing. But, I have lots of bits, some random alphas, and some people to thank.

So... thank you cards it is, today!

To get started, I have cut down a doily paper that I had in my scrap drawer, layered some vellum, and started gathering and cutting some coordinating scraps...
Now, i'm just layering up lots of little scraps along each card base...
Once the stack is where a like it, a simple staple holds it all in place...
But, I do think that base layer needs something, so a stencil to the rescue!
While that dries, let's work on the sentiment. I mentioned in my last post that I finally treated myself to some fresh packs of Thickers. Why is that a big deal to me? Well, I can't stand paying $5 for something that I know will be a struggle to use up. On the flip side, I have a really hard time tossing a pack of really picked over alphas. Ahhh - we all have our strengths... and weaknesses, yes?

Anyhoo... I have lots of left over little letters. I have told myself that those packs need to go in the trash. But first, I can't resist trying to use at least a few more of them!

So, here we have my Frankensteined "Thanks" sentiments all laid out. Yes, some of those "t's" are really "i's and h's." And then of course, all of the "a's" are upside down "v's." It looks kinda weird right now, I know. But, I think it will be ok...
First step to redeeming this? White paint!
And, since I am impatient, the heat gun gets put to use...
And lots of messy fun watercolor!
I'd say that came together alright in the end! Once those were dry, I simply cut them out, gave them a little banner action, and added them onto my packets of scraps...

And there we have it!

Some fun little stash-busting and letter-sticker-using cards to get in the mail and say "Thanks!" to some very special people.

See you soon!


  1. I love what you did with the letters!!!

  2. Gorgeous card Ashli!! I love the vellum and the "Frankenstein" Thickers!! I do that to mine too, and there are many V's in my packs that turn into A's!! :)

  3. Awesome cards! What a great idea to use up all those leftover letters.

  4. Brilliant inspiration, thank you! These are beyond cool... Love that lettering!
    Alison x

  5. These are so fun. Great way to unify the letters. Love all the mixed media that make up the layers. :)

  6. You are one creative creature!!! I am always amazed at what you can do with your stash!

  7. Wow--you are so creative--& you don't like making cards?! These are wonderful!

  8. Totally facinating, I love the vellum and the use of the alpha stickers was brilliant! Love how they turned out with the bakers twine and all. For someone who doesn't like making cards, you make amazing ones! ~Diane

  9. Just absolutely LOVE your way of using every single bit of what you have!!

  10. Love what you did here - fantastic texture and such imaginative use of your resources! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. Lovely to meet you and see your creativity. Julie Ann xx


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