Monday, December 9, 2013

Rejoice... With Tissue Paper!

Happy Monday! We have a new challenge up over at the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog.
This week, it's all about tissue paper. From decoupage to giftwrap, home décor to cardmaking there is so much possibility for tissue of all kinds to be used on this challenge. Perhaps you want to take this a little different direction and alter a tissue box or make something tissue thin. However you choose to interpret this challenge, we can't wait to see your creations!

I must admit, I had to ponder this one a bit more than usual. While I have worked with tissue paper in the past, it has always been in bits and pieces. I have never used it as the main feature or foundation. Since we are all about tissue this week, I really did want to push myself and try some new things...

And, I happen to need a new Christmas banner for my mantle. Let's see what we can come up with!

So... my idea here is to create banner pieces out of the tissue, while also taking advantage of it's soft transparent qualities. I have no idea if this is actually going to work, but let's give it a go!

To start, I simply took packs of tissue paper and without separating sheets, I cut out various pennant shapes. I then stitched around every side except the top. As you can see, to keep the pieces of tissue together while sewing, I simply clipped them together using a paper clip:

Before moving on to the next step, I practiced a bit on a scrap. I wanted to color and play a bit with wet mediums on the paper, but wasn't sure how the tissue would hold up. Through my experiments, I learned...

  • Wet the entire pennant shape first with a good spritzing of plain water.
  • Only apply color by spraying or lightly brushing.
  • Water color pencils, crayons, and gelatos are not your friend when applied directly.
  • If you want to use a color that you only have in crayon or pencil form, simply scribble it on a craft matt or other non-porous surface and then add water to it... thus creating your own watercolor paint that will apply easily with a brush.

So, with that all figured out, let's get to it! A spritz here and a dab there...

And now for some heat-gun action! That is the other key step... I found that when the tissue is allowed to dry naturally, it all sticks together. When the heat is carefully applied, the tissue seems to shrink up just enough to separate the layers and provide a nice surface...
 And there they all are...
Time to stuff them with some confetti! Once all of the pennants had been throughly dried, I gently lifted up the topmost layer of tissue and slipped some sequins in:
 I haven't yet sewed the tops together. Let's lay out the banner first!
 Coming along here, with some tags, some handmade garland, and a handwritten title...
 I kept adding little bits and embellies, then, stitched the entire thing together:
I am SO happy with how this experiment turned out!
The transparent quality of the tissue worked so well with the addition of the sequins:
And it really did take that soft color treatment so wonderfully:
I think I might be in love with a new material!!!
In fact, I loved that so much that I couldn't stop playing with it! The first thing I tried next was incorporating this fun idea into a layout...
It worked so well! At first, I had the entire page made out of tissue, with the sides stitched together. However, I just felt like the layout needed more grounding... a bit of a frame, I suppose. So, I cut the tissue out, adhered the confetti and such with matte medium, and mounted the page on a sheet of kraft:
This layout is about the extreme difference of having a child before the ripe old age of 35 and having one now at 35. Turns out being "advanced maternal age" basically means that I get a lot of tests done and spend a lot of time "waiting to hear." Hence the title of the page :)

I had more fun layering up lots of soft feminine accents, since we are indeed having our 4th girl...
Fun techniques and a meaningful story told! Now, that's what I call some happy crafting!
I have to warn you... I might just be obsessed with this tissue paper watercolor thing now. You will be seeing more...

Alrighty! You know what to do :) Go get crafty and link-up with us!

Every week a random winner is chosen to win a $50 spending spree from How awesome is that?

Here is a complete supply list for my banner:


  1. Love it! Great idea on the sequins. Rejoice indeed!

  2. Now that is such a cool technique! I have a HUGE ziplock bag full of different tissues papers of different colors and patterns. I may have to play around myself!

  3. Ashli...what a fun project and I can't believe you made that cute banner starting out with just plain white tissue paper! Love the idea of spraying it with the color sprays. Very cool results! Adding the sequins was a very clever idea, too. You always come up with some of the most interesting, unique ideas! <3 Candy

  4. Wowza Ashli! LOVE your mixed media banner! So creative and colorful! Beautiful projects! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Fabulous technique Ashli!! Love how both your banner and your layout turned out, so cool. The sequins add such a fun touch.

  6. What a fun and fabulous banner! Ashli. I love all the beautiful embellishments and layers on the layout, too. You are so creative and amazing! :)

  7. How absolutely lovely both projects are, Ashli!
    Who would have thought tissue paper would work so well :)

  8. I am loving this week's challenge. So fun to see what everyone devises and yours is not only uber cool, but so original. I just found a package of sequins on my work desk....I might have to try this as a basis for a card. Beautiful projects....congratulations on your upcoming feminine quartet!

  9. So much fun, Ashli! Love that you put some sequins in it! Gorgeous banner and layout! Hugs, Sandra

  10. What a fun & festive banner, Ashli! I love the spritzes of bold color, it's so pretty!

    Simon Says Stamp!

  11. Wow!! What an amazing use of the tissue paper Ashli! The banner is so fun and I love your gorgeous layout!

  12. Eclectically beautiful! Love the random circle streamers. Beautiful idea to sew the tissue paper together in banners. Gorgeous banner!

  13. wow! congrats on a 4th girl! lol... i won't know until after the new year! can't wait! awesome banner and page! love the tissue paper and all the pink!

  14. Beautiful banner, cannot believe it is entirely made out of,tissue. Loving the soft colours and the layout is stunning. Beautiful delicate pieces. Tracy x

  15. As this post unfolded I became increasingly amazed by the possibilities of a humble pile of tissue and by the end you've sold it to me completely Ashli! LOVE the idea of filing tissue pockets with sequins and sewing ribbons and strings of circles to the banner. Jenny x

  16. This is beautifully out of the box!!! Well done!

  17. I LOve your idea ! Thanks for sharing with us! Original as always!BArbarayaya

  18. Amazing projects, Ashli! They are so unique and beautiful. I love the added sequins and confetti. Gorgeous!

  19. Super cool tissue banner, I never would have imagined this would work!


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