Saturday, November 30, 2013

Roundup and Recap - November 2013

Hello, hello! November is nearly over, so I believe it's time for a little R and R. And by that, I mean...

That's right! Welcome to the end-of-month, newsletter style post, here at The Mailbox.

This is the time and place where I will share what has caught my eye around the web, things I am loving, what I hope to try soon, and more...

Let's jump right in, shall we?

Last month I began a series here at The Mailbox, and in just one short week, we will be wrapping it up. I have had more fun exploring the ins and outs of how we can make the most of our time and fit in the creativity that we long for.

In case you missed and of this series, I have created a new button on the sidebar that will contain all of the posts, in chronological order, for your reading pleasure...

I also put one of my past R&R spotlights to use and made some of my own cork embellishments. Here they are on a layout....

Thanks again for that awesome inspiration, Tammy!

I also enrolled in Wilna's Art Class 2 and have watched every video over and over again. It is just SO full of inspiration and has made me step out of my comfort zone quite a bit... always a good thing!

In my last post, I shared a chalkboard style layout that was inspired by her class. 

You may remember that I have had a hard time incorporating the chalkboard trend in my own personal scrapbooking?

Well, I am not sure I feel any different about it, but I love that this workshop made me try it more :)
Thanks again to Wilna, I also put an old and favorite supply from my art school days to good use... Masking Fluid.

It is so fun and really does hold so many possibilities for scrapbooking. The layout below uses that material and was aldo inspired by a beautiful layout by Anna-Maria:

And finally, I was honored to have another guest post up on, exploring Five Ways To Scrap With the Color Purple.

There is always so much fabulous inspiration all over the blogosphere and such! I try my best to peruse my favorites on a regular basis and here is what I found most notable this month:

First up, I have shared the work of the amazingly talented Andrea before, but it must be mentioned again. Twice. 

Yep! She blows me away and has become one of my most favorite stops in blogland.

First up is a tutorial she shared on the Simon Says Stamp Blog...
It is truly inspiring and had me running to the fabric store for some goodies!

Up next, she shares an amazing use for some unlikely materials...
I know you will be as inspired as I was!

Now, for something fun and random...
A dear friend shared this link with me and it's too cute not to share. Take a look at how this clever mom is taking advantage of her sleeping newborn to grab some very imaginative photos:

Now, I must admit, I would never take the time to put something like this together, but it is indeed total cuteness!

Ah yes, the brain is always rattling around with things...
  • Mixed media, mini books, and etsy...
  • Christmas decor, balls, and mailboxes...
  • Gift wrapping, doilies, and sequins...

We are already two prompts underway in the fun and FREE Holiday Storytellers e-class. If you haven't signed up, please do so!
Once you sign up, you will receive an email per day including a photo and a prompt to aid you in your holiday documenting. Click on that link above to read more. I am really excited to be a part of this and I just know that it will give me some great ideas as I work through my Christmas Album this December!

Speaking of my Christmas Album, I will be sharing more very soon!

I have also been a crafting mad woman the past few weeks and will have lots of fun things to share with the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog and A Flair For Buttons in the coming month. Maybe even a video or two :)

And, you might just hear me sometime soon.... (hint, hint)

See you soon!


  1. So many wonders - from your blog and from around the internet - thanks for sharing them! I love the layout where you persevered with the chalkboard effect - I think it looks wonderful... and how cute is that baby "painting"!?
    Alison x

  2. What wonderful inspiration Ashli!! I love your "Fitting It All In" series and that baby photo, oh my, darling.
    I didn't even know about the Storytelling e-class, so "ran" right over there and registration is closed. Sad day =(
    But I know you will have so much fun participating in that class and I saw Celine in there too, another one of my fav's.
    You girls have fun and maybe I can catch it next year. =)

    I as well love the chalkboard LO that you did, and am looking really forward to all the fun goodness you will have for us this month.

    Blessings dear one ~~ dawn

  3. Great inspiration as always. Loving the variety of play.


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