Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Decorating the Brain

Remember this? My art journal turned calendar...
To be honest, I wasn't really sure if this would work for me... but, I am happy to report that it is the best and most functional planner that I have ever made use of!
When I set up the inside pages so that they would function as a calendar, I never decorated the front. Partly because I hadn't had the inspiration strike, but mostly because I wasn't sure if I was going to stick with it. Well, since I am a few months in and using it a ton, I figured it was time to get the cover all spruced up! 

Plus, there was the comment from the husband that the red ink blot that the cover absorbed while I was sprucing up the innards looked like I had bled all over my planner...

HA! So, let's take a look at how this went:
(having trouble getting the video to play? Try this direct link to it on You Tube)

Oh, it does make me happy to look at :)
 Plenty of fun and whimsy to liven up a plain ole' planner...
 the brain, as it were...
 Thanks for joining me!


  1. Love your title! And this is an awesome book. The cover turned out great. Love all the stamping in the background and the clouds. It's just happy! :)

  2. I agree! Such a happy cover, Ashli!!

  3. Fabulous! I love all the texture and patterns. Especially the "grass". Awesome!

  4. That is so beautiful! I love the little houses tucked in and how you worked in so many products. Do you add any kind of sealant to the final surface?

    1. Thanks Lisa! While I didn't do a final coat of anything particular, each layer was pretty well sealed in with that matte medium. Hope this helps! :)

  5. Oh, this is absolutely, positively delish! LOVE it!

  6. Ashli,
    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I have been wondering about this Diane Reavely journal.
    I've seen it in HL and have been so thinking I need to use a 40% coupon and
    nab one. After seeing this, I may have to do just that.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Have I said that already? =)
    Blessings friend ~~ dawn

  7. Hey, if you ever decide to publish these, I am in line!!


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