Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Polka Dot Embellishment Party?

I recently picked up one of the Dear Lizzy Polka Dot Party die cut packs, like you see below. That flower on the top left, is beyond gorgeous! It didn't even make it into my embellishment bowl... I had it on a project that fast!

That got me thinking a bit... whenever I purchase an embellie pack and it has a lovely detailed flower in it, I just fall in love. If there was a pack of nothing but that flower, I would buy it. Twice.

But, flower only packs such as that are not made, nor would my budget really allow for that. So, I thought I might try my hand at making some of my own...

I simply grabbed a pencil and some white card stock and just kinda played around with sketching. It did cross my mind to grab a book on flowers or something for reference, but that takes a little more effort than I was willing to expend at that moment...
 So, after winging it, my pencil and I came up with something like this:
 Now for a little watercolor...
I didn't over think this, just kinda went with it. I chose mostly yellow as I am lacking yellow in my stash...
 With those all dry, time to outline...
 And now time to cut:
 And there they are! I like them! Well, most of them :)
So, I got to work tucking them here and there with pretty papers...
And embellishments...
Until I had this:
That was enjoyable, so I did it again...
And ended up with this:
So, do I love them as much as the original Dear Lizzy flower? Absolutely not. But, it was fun and I think they turned out pretty well... well enough to add a bit of whimsy to my pages, anyway!


  1. Wow!! How gorgeous! I followed you here from Two Peas. :-)

  2. Oh, I so envy that you can take a pencil, sketch it out and paint some flowers. I have zero talent for that. I love how yours turned out and this is such a great way to make custom embellishments with just the right color and just the perfect size for whatever your layout needs. Fantastic!

  3. Do you know what I love about your flowers over the Dear Lizzy ones? They are unique and not mass produced. They won't show up on any other scrappers pages and they are beautiful!!
    Just gorgeous, Ashli!!

  4. These turned out so beautifully, Ashli! You are so talented and think outside of the box so easily. :)

  5. Ashli, I LOVE these! Your beautiful blooms are so incredibly awesome on your layouts. Very pretty!

  6. Gorgeous! Love your hand made flowers. You should scan some into your computer, then you can print as many as you'd like!

  7. Wonderful flowers!!! Love yours LO!!! :)

  8. Great idea and very talented painting.

  9. LOVE your Flowers! Beautiful idea!

  10. gorgeous flowers. looks awesome on the layout!!!

  11. Oh such lovely flowers Ashli and you know what?! I love them more than the store bought ones - ha! There is just something about handmade that is so beautiful and your flowers are gorgeous to the max. This may just push me to the flower side you know LOL! ;)

  12. Your handmade flowers are beautiful!

  13. Wonderful - I loved seeing you do those flowers and they are gorgeous. I over think everything and I need to stop!!

  14. WOW!! Love those flowers, Ashli! And they fit in perfectly on both of your layouts!!


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