Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pockets Full of Perspective...

Back at the beginning of September, I gave you a little peek into my approach to Shimelle's Learn Something New Everyday Class.  Last year, I made a full-on mini-book:

I had more fun putting this book together and it came at a very pertinent time in my life as I was processing some more intense emotions. This year, I am in a better place about all of that junk in my head - yay! So... I decided to approach my project through the lens of perspective. I worked up a layout full of little vellum pockets and one larger pocket behind the whole thing:
I then read each class prompt daily, followed by my entry from last year for that day... and then came up with a short phrase or sentence based on that perspective. Each day, I jotted that down in the corresponding pocket:

I then used the larger pocket that is stitched onto the back of the entire page to write an explanation for the project, explaining my approach...

And when all was said and done....
I had this!

Oh, how I so enjoyed this approach! I think the best part was really seeing how far one can come in just one year... always a good reminder!


  1. i love all those vellum pockets.

  2. I love it! What a great way to do this project. I was part of the class for the first time this year, and I haven't even finished all the prompts yet, but I'm trying not to stress. It encouraged me, what you said about last year being a time that you were processing intense emotions, but now you're in a better place. I'm about to go into a hurricane in my life as a family member undergoes a difficult medical procedure, and I look forward to being in a better place, myself. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself, your process. Really enjoy it. :)

  3. What a great idea. And adorable too. I haven't started yet. I was on the road for the majority of september. this may give me hope.

  4. Really love the pocket and your thought process then and now. VERY COOL IDEA!

  5. Really fabulous Ashli! Love the vellum pockets that let your journaling show through, and that you created the larger pocket on the back for the project explanation! Such an awesome idea! And congrats on being the Featured Project at Two Peas today!!

  6. Loooooove how it turned out, Ashley!!! Such a creative idea!! xo

  7. Looks fabulous!!! Didn't get mine done, but this looks like a plan!!

  8. I absolutely love, love, love your take on LSNED this year!!! Know my plan for next September for sure!!


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