Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fitting It All In - What Is Your Reality?

Hello there and happy Friday! Welcome to the Fitting It All In series here at PurpleMailbox. If you missed the Series Introduction, please check it out

So.... how exactly do I fit it all in? Well, I don't.
But, we will get to that. First things first!

Let's talk reality
Oh, boo. Reality can be SO boring. Why are we talking about it? 

Well, because it is a fact of life. We all have our own reality and each of our's will look different. It might be plain and simple, or it might feel like a million things jumbled up...

To truly figure out how to fit it all in, we really do have to face our own reality. 
After all, it is pretty hard to find "extra" time to get crafty when you don't truly know where your time goes!

So.... What is YOUR reality?

See yourself on that list above? Or are you on a completely different page? Whatever your reality is... 
Write it down:
WAIT! Before you dismiss this idea and assume that you know your reality and you don't need to write it down... remember, there is power in putting something in writing!

Just give it a try... jot out a stream of conscious list of what you face on a daily basis. Not what you hope to face or what you want to face, but the ACTUAL reality of what your daily life brings you. Try to take the emotion out of it. Just pure facts.

Jot this down and ponder....
Take several days. Come back to the list again and again. Be specific. You will be glad, I promise!

Having my reality in a factual perspective is a huge piece of how I am able to find the time to be creative.

As you can see from that list above, a big part of my reality is the work I do at home. While that consists of many things, a huge portion of it is homeschooling...
(this layout was scrapped last year for Skissedella)
It truly is the best job I have ever had. But, yes - it is a job. And, that job is a big part of my reality. Just as you will most likely have something on your list that takes up a huge chunk of your time. Don't despair... there is still time within the big chunks! But, let's not get ahead of ourselves...

So, what does all of this list making and pondering have to do with finding time to get crafty? It's a step in the right direction of figuring out how exactly to fit it all in! 

I also happen to be of the mindset that if you are constantly wishing you could just find more time, or have a day off, or get a different job, or have a bigger studio, or, or, or.... WELL, that my friends, is just paralyzing. 

Sure, it is good to have goals - to hope and to dream. 

But, reality is a fact of life and I believe it is important to properly face your current reality in order to move into a place where you can indeed make the most of it.

Are you still with me? I hope so :) 

If you are not convinced, I encourage you to hang in with me here. 

Are you hoping for some actual, practical, this is how I make a layout in 5 minute increments kinda post? Don't worry. We will get there. 

But, in order for that to have the most impact and to be truly helpful, let's humor ourselves with some of this pondering....

So - go make some lists, ponder them.... and have a great weekend!

Also, feel free to leave your tips and/or questions as we go along. I would love to hear how you fit in your creative time and any specific conundrums you might have along the lines of this topic! At the end of this series I will compile a "reader tip list" along with a Q&A. So, don't hesitate to chip in!
More soon... 


  1. I think I could take a page from your list Ashli!! Our days are very favorite part, is the....we are at home a lot. I've always been a homebody, so it suits me just fine to have that same lifestyle now. :)

  2. Lists are good, I do make lists ALOT! I actually set time aside on Friday nights(if I can keep my eyes open) and Saturday nights for my craft time with LOTS of coffee :) Sometimes I'm up until the wee hours, but when I'm doing what I love I don't even realize the time. On Sundays it is our family day so I craft when I can get a chance, a little here and there. During the week is tough but this is the time to make my dream list of what I want to accomplish for the times I can get a quick to sew, glue paint or cut in.

  3. Ashli, first off - this is a great post and i love your down to earth approach to a problem we all face. It is really good to take stock of what you do every once in awhile, like your list idea. I often fit in 10 or 15 minutes when I can't do more just to keep my creativity going. It might be painting something to let it dry overnight, but then i don't have to wait later on it. I fit more creative time in during the weekends, and when I go to a crop. I find it helps me to have a chunk of time to work in. Other times, I choose to read a book or watch a show with my husband, or get together with friends. I guess what it all boils down to, is when I make creativity a priority in my life, that is when I do it! Thanks for sharing your ideas on this. i always love what you come up with!!

  4. This is going to be such a great series!
    I am looking forward to more.
    And I am a champion list maker. My life is all about my lists these days :)

  5. Love your post, Ashli. Great inspiration! :)


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