Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fitting It All In - The "S" word...

Hello there and happy Friday! Welcome back to the Fitting It All In series here at PurpleMailbox. If you missed the previous posts, you can check them out here:

Hopefully you have been able to ponder your current reality. Remember, not what you want your reality to be, but what it actually is. 

Great! Now what?

So glad you asked!

Now that we all have our realities jotted down and have hopefully come to terms with them in some way...

Let's talk about that dreaded "S" word...

(More information about the calendar shown above can be found here.)

Ack! Yuck! How awful! We creative types can not be bound by such mundane things. How stifling! 
(More information about the layout shown above can be found here.)

And yes, it can be very stifling. But, reality will eventually rear its ugly head and even the most creative master minds have some sort of daily order. So, hear me out..
(More information about the layout shown above can be found here.)

If you go to Pinterest or even Google and search Planner, or FiloFax, or Schedule, or Homekeeping Binder, you will find millions upon millions of beautiful papers to download and print out... decorative ways to order your day. These are not bad. I have succumb to many of them myself. And, if those work for you... REALLY work for you, more power to you! 

But, I have found that all of those lovely forms with blocks of time and such can be rather stifling. Sure, the reality of life is that we function by the tick-tock of a clock. However, my reality has also proven that nothing really ever happens as it should on that piece of paper. And when it doesn't, it is so easy to just throw up our hands and declare defeat!

"I have SO much to do!"
"I don't have enough time!"
"I knew I couldn't get it all done!"
"If only there were 30 hours in a day!"

Sound familiar?

What is a crafty girl to do?

For one, I would like to propose that we throw this idea of a schedule out of the window and instead focus on our

As you might notice from my order of events up above, this was made using ONLY the items on my list of reality. Notice also that it is very general and non-specific. I haven't yet put in all those fun things I want to fit into my day. Don't worry. We will get there.
(More information about the layout shown above can be found here.)

Perhaps you don't stay at home and you spend most of your days in an office.
Your order of events might look more like this:

Wake Up
At Desk
At Desk

Or maybe you only work part time? 
Your oder of events might be more along the lines of this:

Wake Up
Work, Chores, or Errands

The point here is to not get too nitty gritty. Don't create separate orders for separate days. Be general enough that your list will apply to most days. Sure, there are days where everything just gets tossed to the wayside. But, we must not cater to those. Cater to the more typical.

So, go ahead and jot out your order of events, with the approximate time it takes for each event. Are you lucky enough to have a big chunk of your day that is essentially "free time?" If you do, my guess is you aren't reading this series. But, if in fact you are still with me... jot that out on your order of events too. 

Be accurate, but don't turn this into a traditional schedule.

Got that all written out? Great! Now grab a colored pen...
Now, looking VERY thoughtfully at your order of events, think about areas where there is "extra time." Using your colored pen, jot that down with a short explanation. 

Don't assign that time to any particular activity yet. 
Simply make a note that the time is there

As you can see above, I made a note that while I am waiting for my girls to join me for our school time, there is always a good 10-15 minutes of lag time... time when they are grabbing a toy, getting water, or something else that has to happen or the world will cease as we know it. Am I going to use that time staring at the wall? Of course not! Jot those moments down.

Do you spend a large part of your day in a car? While it's not complete free time in the traditional sense, jot down on your list that you have time to "think," or "plan."

Maybe you spend a big part of your day in the gym. Good for you! Jot down that you have time. Yes, you are doing something else, but I am sure you can find time to listen or watch something?


Now that you have your order of events with colored notes of where you might be able to "fit things in," it's time to ponder...

Ponder how accurate you have been with this list.
Ponder how much time you really do or don't have.
Ponder your priorities.

OH! Priorities! 
That is a big one. 
It deserves it's own post... Stay tuned!


  1. You always inspire me to try different & unique products/styles...thank you so much. Just love coming to your blog to be inspired.

  2. I made my list in my new notebook I bought at Target.
    I always keep a notebook in my scrap area to jot down ideas or journal.
    So this list is my first entry for this notebook :)

  3. I love this! Thank you for making me think about how I organize my day. Very thought provoking!

  4. You are getting me thinking...I think I can...I. Think I can...


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