Monday, September 16, 2013

Is that a Beach Ball, or a Pumpkin You are Stamping On?

Yep! It's Monday! And that means we have another challenge up at the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog. This week is all about Stamping On alternative surfaces!

Oh sure, you can stamp on plain white cardstock and take your project from there, but what else can you stamp on? Fabric, vellum, patterned paper, canvas, and wood are just a few materials that pop into my mind! Grab a stamp and get to experimenting – it’s going to be a fun week here at Simon Says Stamp and Show!
I love fall. I love fall decor. My wallet doesn't. I dream of covering my front porch in artsy and beautiful pumpkins... real and faux alike. But, have you seen the prices of those beautiful fake pumpkins lately? Oh my! Sure, the real ones are slightly cheaper, but they don't last and that just isn't a good investment for my limited budget. 

So, my mind started spinning and pondering on what I could use as a base for my own pumpkin sculpture. What is cheap? What is big enough? What is already a circle shape and I don't have to do some crazy altering to? 

A beach ball, of course!
  began with a wire armature, thinking that I wanted my pumpkin to be more elongated and quirky...
 Then, I just started adding white paper, using a mixture of matte medium and gesso...
Alright... getting somewhere....
I am excited! I want to forge ahead... but it needs to dry...
Heat gun to the rescue!

The ball is made of rubber. Rubber melts. Hello?!?!?!
It seems so obvious as I type it now...
Ugh.... I am not sure this can be salvaged. Not even as pumpkin pie.
What a hot mess!
OK - not to worry! Luckily, at $2.50 a pop, I managed to pick up more than one of these beach balls. Hooray! Onward we go. This time, without the wire structure...
 Tearing, glueing, tearing, glueing....
At this point, I am not sure what direction to go, I just know that I want some color and texture. So - how about we pour some old house paint on the top?
 Blue added. Now, alcohol ink?
Well, this is looking fun! My eldest daughter kindly pointed out that this does not look anything like a pumpkin.... But, fear not! We are going to make this work. She, however, is not convinced.
Now that all the paint is dry. Without the aid of a heat gun, I might add... I start rolling up tissue paper and glueing it on to make the bumps that a pumpkin has....
 Now for some more pumpkiny colors...
 More alcohol ink:
Stem time! I have to tell you, I am pretty sure I shrieked with glee when I attached this stem (cut from my garden). It actually looks like a pumpkin! The skeptical child even thinks so!
To make sure the stem was nice and secure, I loaded on the Glossy Accents and Modeling Paste. With that completely dry, I layered on some paper scraps and now it's time to get stamping. 

Since this started out as a beach ball, it still has the flexibility of that material. So, I grab my unmounted stamps that can really warp and bend...
Just to be sure, I tried to do some alpha stamping with these wood mounted letters. Nope, they don't have enough give...
Back to the unmounted stamp it is! I am using StazOn and White Paint as this pumpkin will be on my porch and I want a certain level of weather resistance.
The, some final touches with glitter and pen work...along with a good coating of matte fixative...
And there it is! A beach ball turned pumpkin!
I just love how this turned out and I love the statement it makes on my front porch.
What's not to love about a one-of-a-kind custom stamped pumpkin?


So, what will you stamp on this week? I can't wait to see!

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And in case you are is a complete supply list of everything I used:)


  1. This is AMAZING !! No one can guess it a beach ball..I loved the wonderful transformation !!Thanks for sharing the steps !!

  2. You are so clever and creative, Ashli! This is awesome!

  3. Ashli...what an amazing transformation of that beach ball! I was laughing as I read your piece and the poor first beach ball attempt. I probably would have had the same mess. haha But, your second attempt turned out brilliantly! What a cute addition to your future pumpkin patch on your porch! <3 Candy

  4. Wow... this so fun! Ashli. What a cool idea to transform a beach ball into a pumpkin! I love all colors and stamping on the pumpkin. This is really a inspirational project. Thank you for sharing. :)

  5. That is soooo cool!!! I must admit Ihad my doubts as well. I love the different "layers" of colors. What an amazing transformation. I would've just painted eyes on an orange ball - so sad after seeing yours LOL!

  6. WOW!!! This is AMAZING!! I was looking at this in the world is she gonna make this look like a pumpkin? Knowing all the while you would =) Love it!! and you!! Have a Blessed day friend ~~ dawn

  7. This is so incredibly clever! And how fantastic that you can have it outside too. Love it. Hugs, Jenny x

  8. That is one of the coolest pumpkin projects ever!!! :)

  9. Hi Ashli, I did laugh out loud when I saw your first beach ball melted, that is something I would do every time lol. Love the transformation and the stem is absolutely amazing and transforms your beach ball into such a realistic pumpkin. Love it. Tracy x

  10. Sensational pumpkin at the end... with the hilarious trip via the melted version - eek! Such a fun post to read, and I love your crazily inventive creative imagination!
    Alison x

  11. Ashli, I love your pumpkin. And I also loved reading about the adventure you had creating it. :) It was just like a good book. Had me on the edge of my seat wondering HOW this was going to turn out! When in the back of my mind, I knew all along that it was going to be a happy ending. :)

    ...And it was! Or it is... FABULOUS!

  12. Oh my goodness!! This looks like it was SO much fun to create, and is it ever PRETTY! I'd love one for me! :) Love all the colors and texture, and I just love fall in general :)

    Great project, Ashli!

    Simon Says Stamp!

  13. This is so cool, love it and OMGosh that stem is perfect! My sister and I made a pumpkin pinata one year and we so proud of it. Unfortunately it was way too thin, lol. My bro in-law was going to getting ready for the kids and drop it. It broke, lol!! :D

  14. I could not believe my eyes when I saw how you made ​​the pumpkin! I had to re-read the whole post twice to believe it! I think it's a really incredible and fantastic project! BArbarayaya

  15. Holy Moly Ashli, I have now idea how you come up with this stuff!! :) That is totally fabulous and I would have never dreamed up how to put that together in a million years! Definitely an awesome Pumpkin!!

  16. Ashli, this is such a great idea!! Love the beach ball centre and how fun that you melted the first one. Fabulous textures and colours.

  17. The things you come up with never cease to amaze me. What a fun project! The final piece is amazing! This is the one time of year I long for my days in the north because I adore fall. Not much fall to speak of in Central Florida so I need make it festive myself! :)

  18. This is so cool! The orange base color is perfect for a pumpkin but then every thing you put on top, the papers and the stamping, just makes it so much cooler. I love the stem, too. I'm so glad that you showed the whole process, as well, mistakes and all. It makes me remember that even the most talented folks have to scrap what they've been working on and start over sometimes, too.

  19. Fabulous! I love the rich colors with the dripping of the paints and then the stump is just wow!

  20. Good golly Miss Molly - how I adore this! I'm with you on the no budget but wanna decorate like a fool end - ha! - and this is such a magnificent solution! I had to giggle at your meltdown and love that you included it - you're so cool like that 8) The final one though - WOW - blew my socks right off. It is by far better than anything one could get in a store and I know your neighbors will be so loving your front porch and wishing they had style like you. :D The stem is totally cool and I'm thinking I need to head out and find me some beach balls before they all disappear for the season. ;) Thanks for being such an inspiration girlie!! You are amazing in so many ways. Have a super day!!! xo

  21. This is one pretty faux pumpkin! Love the way you made it out of a beach ball. So glad you had another one to the rescue! Hugs, Sandra

  22. Wow! What a fantastic project Ashli! Love the look of the dripped paint! Thanks for the inspiration!

  23. Hooray indeed!!! Your project brought a huge smile to my face this week Ashli. I love this!!! It looks like you had a blast making it too -- up to your eyeballs in paint, ink, glue and paper. Seriously ... what else could a crafter ask for? Such incredible inspiration for this week's challenge. Love it!!!!! -- Mary Elizabeth

  24. Favorite pumpkin project EVER!!! This is so quirky and whimsical and I am so impressed by your optimism throughout the process! Your post was so entertaining and I love how you included the "failure" shots! Heaven knows we all have enough of those, but rarely do we show them! I'm grateful to you for sharing both the words and the pictures so I know that I'm not the only one who's had their project wind up a big pile of goo on the table. You're a great writer, photographer and artist and this post was honestly a joy and an inspiration to read. That pumpkin is phenomenal!

  25. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your amazingly beautiful and very artsy pumpkin. I may need to try making one of these. Blessings!

  26. MOST fabulous project ever!!!!!!! PINNED!

  27. So fabulous!!! I am orange with envy :)


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