Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Layout Full of Minis!

Remember this? The little travel mini that I made for our recent camping trip? You can see more details in this previous post...

Well, we are back from our trip and it's time to get that baby onto a layout! A layout? Wait... isn't it a mini-book? Yep! But really, one can only have so many minis laying around and since this one contains all of our memories from the trip and is small enough - it is going on a layout!

To begin, I grab the coordinating patterned paper from the Jillibean Soup line that I used for the mini, and layered up some vellum...

Wondering why those vellum pieces have holes in them? They were acquired from a stationary store going out of business. A friend of mine went hog-wild at that sale and then realized the items were only collecting dust in her closet and passed them down to me. Score!
Alrighty! Now for the mini book placement. It is 4x6 so I am essentially treating is as a photo/large embellishment...
I had all of my trip photos printed at 2x2 from I love them! Here they are arranged in a grid around my mini...
Now to make an area for the title, I simply grab some white paper and layer some scraps behind...
 I decided to layer in a similar style behind all of those little picts too...
 Layering a bit of ephemera...
 Once the title was complete, it was time to fill my mini with the remaining photos...
 Love how the 2x2 size works in here...
 Some journaling over photos...
 A little Signo action - pointing the the Raccoons, of course...
 A spread full of beach time fun with the birds...
With all of the final touches and embellishing finished, there we have it!

I will say, it is certainly not the most trim of layouts. However, I do think that one mini-book turned layout will fit just fine in my 2013 album. Plus, I just love how it came out!
But, it is worth noting that this shouldn't become a habit as it would certainly fill up my album space quickly if every layout was like this! HA!

Thanks for joining me. Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. How awesome are you, putting that mini on a layout??!! It looks awesome and I love it!!

  2. Turned out great! Love the idea of adding it to your album.

  3. So clever to put the mini on a layout, Ashli! I love how it turned out!

  4. Such a fun idea and great way to store that mini!! I love the way it all turned out! I too adore 2x2 sized photos but have yet to get them printed from somewhere other than home - yours look marvelous and I may just have to spring for some the next time I have heaps I want to get at one time. Hope you have a great weekend!! :) Scarlett

  5. WOW. It's quite a bold idea - to add whole album to a page)

  6. This is the coolest thing! You are always thinking outside the (12x12) box!

  7. That is such an awesome idea. Great way to present the whole story, all together. Love the square photos in the background of the larger page. :)

  8. Oh I love this, such a great idea ! Beautiful layout, love your layering under your photos/title.

  9. Love this layout and love this mini!!! What a super inspiring! :) Evie

  10. Now that is just a cool idea - make the mini part of the layout!

  11. very cool idea!!!! You can tell the whole story that way!! awesome!!!

  12. Quite amazing how you incorporated that mini book. Brilliant idea.
    Hugs, Neet (your latest follower)

    1. Thank you! And thank you so much for becoming a follower :)

  13. Love this project! That cover came out so well and I really live the mini layouts- how come when you try something it always looks great? You have the touch lady! :)


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