Friday, July 26, 2013

Planning The Art Journal

Planners. Organizers. Calendars. Love Them! 

I used to carry around a very detailed Filo-Fax. Man, I loved that thing. I highlighted, scribbled, crossed out. That was back in the day when I had a desk job, pre kids, pre digital, pre- life as I now know it.

In the past, I have bought pre-made planners, converted pre-printed elements into my own books, and made my own from scratch. Once, I even bought one from a girl on Ebay that was comprised solely of duck-tape. Then came digital... as in: fancy phones full of apps. It took me a while to join that party, but once I did I thought how wonderful it would be to use the digital way of organizing my life. 

I downloaded countless apps. Note taking apps, calendar apps, list-making apps, mind-mapping apps...In theory, that is fabulous! But the messy, artsy, post-it note using, doodling, list making girl in me could not work with this digital way.

Soooo... then I went by the very (not) effective way of messy notes scratched on various pieces of paper around the house. Not so good. And seeing as we homeschool, it's kinda important for me to have some sort of a system that works for me. Not only for my sanity, but as a form of record keeping. 

Last year I was oh so excited when SMASH came out with their large books. I thought: "Oh goody! A scrappy way to keep all of my stuff!"
But my goodness, those things are ginormous!!! When opened all the way up, I hardy had room for anything else on my table. See how I even bought two? I thought I was so smart.... thinking... Oh my, this is so perfect, what if they stop making them? I must have one for back up. HA!
I stumbled through the year attempting to make that work for me, but knowing that I would need something different for this upcoming school year.

Then I saw this video by Paperclipping that shows Dyan Reavely using her art journal. Amazing! I knew I had to have that journal, even though I had no idea what I would do with it. I just can't seem to get into "art journaling" for whatever reason (more on that in another post, perhaps)... however, I just wanted that book!

I promptly ordered it and then it sat on my desk for a ridiculous amount of time. A.VERY.LONG.TIME.
 Then it dawned on me! What if I made this into my 2013-2014 planner?
 Worth a shot anyway! So, I just misted and played...
 And blotted off excess...
 Until my pages were full of messy goodness...
And then I just blocked out areas in Gesso for writing. This area is in the beginning of the book and will serve as a place to write out our yearly goals:
 Every few pages, I created something like this...
 That I then made into the monthly calendars:
I didn't "finish" any one page and the idea is that I will mess, and stamp, and play as I go along through the year. This book is even large enough to tuck in a letter sized sheet of paper. Not to mention the pocket that is included on the inside cover. Perfect for my homeschool sanity and planning needs!
YAY! I can't wait to fill up this book and to see how this approach works for me.

Stay tuned....


  1. Oh my! What a great idea!
    I three ring binders. All over the house! Sometimes I jazz them up a bit, but nothing like yours. This is fabulous! Very impressive!

  2. You're so creative! I pinned this so other people could share in the inspiration. Awesome!

  3. OOOO I LOVE THIS!!! I as well have strong affection for all things journal. I've made several. Tried to make the Fancy Pants Brag Book work as a prayer journal of sorts. It kind of did. Kind of. In jounals I buy at B & N and the like I add banners and tags and doodles etc. They are a hot mess by the time I'm done =) I have seen these large Smash Journals, but they certainly are large. I am in need of another journal, as I have one clean sheet left in my current one. Now I must think of how I'd like to do the new one =)

    Thanks for inspiration ~~ Blessings ~~ dawn

  4. Very cool - can't wait to see how it works throughout the year!

  5. Love the idea! Yup it must be in the air...I've thought about how to reorganize my organization..that isn't so organized ha! My way of "keeping up" includes three different spiral/ calendars.. yeah..not so efficent right? BUT making a inky mess to write upon LOOKS fabulous!

  6. Whoa! that is so creative; I would never have thought of such a cool idea! I love it!

  7. Absolutely Awesome Idea!!! Posted to my blog's FB :)


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