Friday, July 19, 2013

Adventures In Cardland...

I love the idea of making cards. A small canvas in which to play, that can be saved for later when a need arises. What's not to like about that?

I'm not sure. But, I have only made a handful of cards. Ever. See the 3 below? That's it!

For some reason, I just really don't enjoy making them. And until recently, I just couldn't put my finger on why.

Turns out that during Camp Scrap, May provided us with loads and loads of card making inspiration! I just had to give some of her tips a try...

So, I had the brilliant idea to take one of her ideas and to batch it! Or in other words... to make lots of cards in the same steps. I started with a simple watercolor background:
 Added some mist. Too much mist, really - but I forged ahead...
 And added and added until I had something I thought I could work with:
 I cut out and stamped all 6 sentiments:
 And proceeded to tear my card fronts:
 And began laying them out, assembly line style:
 Then I stamped and misted to form a background layer:
And then I realized how much I HATED what I was doing!
What happened? Well, it turns out that the assembly line style caused me some loss of focus. Quantity instead of quality. 

Oh my....
 Let's try to fix that. I tore off what I was not liking and kept what I was...
 Found some lovely washi that happened to work perfectly:
 And I finally ended up with 6 of these!
I actually really like them! But, it took me forever to work them up into proper cards as I didn't have any ready-made blanks at the ready.
And then it occurred to me that I might actually make more cards, if I had such a thing in my stash. 
Off to the craft store I went, and came home with these:
And then I made this, using leftover scraps that were already on my desk (a prompt given to us by May, during Camp Scrap).
This feels like the most "proper" card I have ever made. It is a standard size. It fits into an envelope. The inside is clean and ready for writing, not all mucked up with ink and such. I owe all of that to tips learned during Camp Scrap.

Not sure if I will keep this up at any sort of prolific pace. But what I do know is that through that little adventure, I finally found out what works for me and what doesn't when it comes to card making...

- One-offs. Batch, assembly line production takes the fun out of it for me.
- Ready-made bases. You all know how I can't cut things to a proper size anyway.
- Making use of scraps already on my desk. No searching for the perfect supplies.

I am pretty sure, now that I have all that figured out, that I will actually enjoy making cards!
Ahhh - well, when the mood strikes, anyway :)


  1. These are awesome Ashli! So creative!

  2. I am the same and rarely make cards. I like your first and second attempt as they are still true to your style.

  3. Oh I love your adventures in cardmaking!! What fun! Its great to hear of your learning process along the way and I'm with you - no batch making - blech, just can't do it, not for me. I'm a scraps laying around, use those last bits of paper card maker myself and I adore the one you made with your scraps immensely! WOW! Its gorgeous to the max. Really diggin' the Hello Friend one too with all its circular and dotted elements. Can't wait to see what more you come up with! Have a great day Ashli! xo

  4. Your cards are FAB!!! I have lots of scraps from a kit I put together for July, and that is on my to-do list. I plan on making that happen today. I'll let ya know how that turns out =) I will not be an assembly line card maker either, but perhaps I can also put to use some of those tippy tips from May. That really was a splendid class!

    Blessings friend ~~ dawn

  5. Great tips! Love your cards. I haven't made any in ages.

  6. Love seeing you come to these realizations in action. I am all about the ready made card bases too. I'm not a huge card maker either but they are one more great way to use up scraps! Love how yours turned out. :)

  7. Great cards Ashli!! And I love that you still carry your fun layout style, over to the cards! I used to be terrified of doing cards, until I started designing for The Paper Bakery!! :)

  8. I have the same thing about not enjoying card-making - but this looks like a great way to break the jinx! Fabulous cards, Ashli.
    Alison x

  9. I absolutely love the finished products - especially with the addition of the washi tape - it made a massive difference to an already awesome card! I also love the way you present your creative process. Really interesting!!!! Fantastic!

  10. I love it when you mess up, because you never give up on a project, you just keep going till you like it! I love that in you! Love Penny

  11. Wow these are stunning. It's been really great reading this, I have the same problem. I used to love colouring cute images and making cards. Then I really took to stamping, paint, being inky etc and love making tags, canvas, hangings etc. But now I can't make a card. I struggle so much. Yes I can colour an image and make one but I want to bring what I love into card making and I am mega struggling. To the point it took me two days to make one card for an online summer camp card class. Now I have gave up. Maybe I should like you persevere and find out what I like. Thanks for the fantastic tips :-) Kezzy xxx

  12. These cards are so you! Just like a mini mini page. Love them!!


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