Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Composition of Scraps

One of my boards on Pinterest is called: "Can't Scrap Without It!" And yep, you guessed it ... it is a board of my go-to supplies. Supplies that when they start to run low, I get a little twitchy.

The first item on the board is a Composition Book. I LOVE the paper in these for layering!

You know, it almost takes you back to some of that "old-school" scrapping, doesn't it? The scrapbooks we all made in high school full of awkward journaling and teeny bopper magazine clips... 
But, the thin paper, especially when it is printed grid-style, really does make for the best layering! 
 And a super easy way to unify a layout composed of only scraps...
Like this one - scrapped during May Flaum's Camp Scrap when we were challenged to use only items left on our desk: 
 Oh yes - and complete with some May Flaum inspired stamping!
I have a composition book, or something similar, on my table at all times, ready to grab and tear out sheets to add the perfect layering touch. Acid free? Nah... but, I don't tend to worry too much about that sort of thing.

Here are some other layouts where the composition book has come in handy: (click on the image to see the original post :)

Here's to the humble, yet mighty, composition book!

Have a great weekend everyone :)


  1. Great pages! I have never used that type of paper ony pages, but can totally see why you can.
    And I had several Duran Duran scrapbooks that I created when they were my favorite band back in the day using notebooks. So mad at myself for throwing them out!!

  2. Awesome pages!!! Love composition books and/or notebook papers. I don't use them enough. Love the challenge of using what's on your desk. I need to not clean my desk off after each page though. LOL!!

  3. super cute layouts! I always have a plain old notebook on my desk to write thoughts down in, but then I keep a stash of graphic paper on my bookcase.

  4. Yay for the Composition Book!!
    Fabulous Layouts, Ashli! I love how you create depth. Thanks for sharing your composition book. :)

  5. I love how you use your composition books Ashli, and I love the title of your new pinboard! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. The photo's are from my daughter's house. It flooded Friday night, luckily it didn't get inside the house but it did ruin all of her duct work and insulation under her home. It was about 3ft deep in her garage, what a mess! I will post more about it soon, I just have the photo's up now so that I could upload them to my daughter's FB page.

  6. That should have said Wed. night! LOL Love Penny P.s Thanks for asking!

  7. I'll never look at my daughter's school supplies in the same way again. :) Love all of your examples, Ashli, and the fabulous details and you signature touches. :)

  8. Beautiful pages Ashli!! Love that cute title on your first layout!!


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