Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Last year, Mother's Day got all the attention... So this year, it's time to do some crafting for the Dads!

For me, that is a little easier said than done. I like flowers, and glitter... and well, just lots of girly goodness. To top it off, I am not much of a card maker (more on that in another post). 

When you combine the above stumbling blocks, with the desire to give the special men in my life something relatively practical, you get... BOOKMARKS!

Tag bookmarks to be exact. Complete with embossing (thanks to some recent Camp Scrap inspiration) and a photo of their little ladies.
A quick run through ye ole Sizzix and I am ready to adhere my photos and scrap paper with some Matte Medium. Side note - it felt SO good to use this gear embossing folder. I don't think it has ever felt paper before. HA!
I gotta say - I was pretty unsure about this. I printed those photos on my Epson PictureMate and I have learned from past experience that those photos do not handle moisture like professional prints do.
 But I am pleased to say that after a careful application, we are all set!
Once that matte medium was thoroughly dry dry enough, I reached for my alcohol inks - thanks in part to some inspiration from Scarlett.
 My father loves red... and I would say that is VERY red! Oh my...
And the hubster loves green and blue. Now, that is more my speed. But hey - these are gifts and I want the recipients happy!
With all of that colorful play done and dried, I am thinking that a good smooshie of gesso might be in order:
Now perhaps some tape? I have this copper tape that is really cool. I bought it many years ago when I decided I would make soldered jewelry. Then I found out the precision and measurements required to make something worth while and gave that a second thought! Time to dust off this fun copper goodness!
Layers all set, tape down, time for the "title." I want to try something a little different here. I think the thing can make a gift like this so special is the added touch of a child's handiwork. Here I have some white card stock strips....
I then had all my kidlets write their names. Well, the eldest gave me a little help with the youngest's contribution ;)
For a final good measure of strength and durability, let's glue those puppies down to some card stock and apply a final coat of matte medium on top. After all, I am hoping these will indeed be used as bookmarks!
And there they are, all dry and cut out with a little bit of twine at the top. It was all I could do not to make that twine more substantial. But, I am thinking of practicality here - and a bulky bookmark is just not practical.
That was a fun little experiment! Dueling bookmark tags - complete with mixed media embossy goodness and handwriting from the little ones!
Happy Father's Day!!!


  1. Adorable! The children's handwriting tugs at my heart strings! I'm positive that daddy will agree. :)

  2. Beautiful bookmarks and I can't discriminate, I love both color choices ;D

  3. Your girls are beautiful and the tags are perfect.

  4. Adorable picture, and great idea for a Father's Day present!!

  5. So beautiful!! I love all the mixed media you added and I love that the girls added their own special touch :)

  6. Awesome idea! Love the kids handwriting on them!

  7. Awesome - thanks for shareing!
    Have a wonderful day :o)

  8. I just knew you'd have a terrific project up today and I wasn't disappointed! Love your work! Love Penny

  9. They look fab Ashli!! Love all of Mixed Media goodiness!!

  10. These tags are fantabulous girlie!!! The photo of your girls is darling and I totally love that they wrote their names for the tags - something to be cherished for sure!! Thanks so much for the shout out and linkage - so glad I inspired you to reach for your inks and play! xo


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