Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Breaking It Down...

See this fabulous thing? Yep! That's the Heidi Swapp Serendipity Spiral Album. It is gorgeous!
I was with my dear friend, Joy, when I bought it and you know what she said to me?

"You are going to cut that up, aren't you?
Haha! She knows me well!

Look at all of that beautifullness! No doubt this would make an amazing album as is. However, I have visions of handmade embellishments oozing with Heidi Swapp goodness...
After taking out the binding, I separated all of the pieces into different categories.
I ended up with:
- 6 pieces to keep as is (smaller banner shapes and polaroid frame cut-outs)
- 6 smaller sized page protectors (these will be a great addition to layouts to add some interactivity)
- 11 papers with fun pre-printed images on them that will be perfect to make into "die-cuts"
- 13 "plain" patterned pages
- 2 chipboard covers
 So, let's break all of that down! First up, die cutting those covers:
Ah yes - lots of good stuff to work with here! Let me tell you how wonderfully THICK this chipboard is... and the Bigz dies cut through it like butter!
 Now for lots of punching on the plain sheets:
 Whew! That's what I'm talking about! I punched, I layered, I stitched, I cut....
 And you know I am going to save all of the "negatives" too:
 Now onto the pre-printed goods:
 A bit of work with the scissors and I have this stack of "die-cuts"
Wowsers! Look at all of those embellishments! Some were glittered, some were UTEE'd, some were spritzed....
And when all was said and done...
I had piles of die-cuts:
 Loads of stitched and "enameled" embellishments:
 TONS of chipboard shapes:
 Punched borders and such....
 Stitched and layered garlands and confetti:
So, let's re-cap that break down:

- 23 die-cuts
- 16 pre-stitched journaling cards
- 3 layered banners
- 17 acrylic shapes
- 8 borders
- 6 feathers
- 20 "enameled" hearts
- 9 "enameled" bursts
- 10 stitched circles
- 17 layered and stitched hearts
- 2 layered doilies
- 6 pre-stitched banners
- 10 floral border strips
- 1 "packet" of confetti
- 60 chippies
- 1 "packet" of chipboard triangles
- 6 small page protectors

All in all that makes...
- 215 handmade embellishments!

I paid $18.99 for the album (yes- full retail :) So that works out to be .088 cents per item, rounded up to:
9 cents a piece!

Just think, if you had a coupon, you could cut that down almost in half.

I didn't do anything different or unusual with any of the above pieces. Actually, I tried to think of what embellishments are for sale right now and attempted to emulate those myself.

Now, that's what I would call a successful break down!

I have been scrapping up a storm with all of those goodies and will show you some of those pages soon!


  1. Fun stuff! I especially like the long leaf chains and the feathers you made!

  2. Ooooo - I just couldn't, but that is an impressive set of embellishments. Looking forward to seeing where they end up.

  3. amazing! I'm going to file that little idea away for later, me thinks!

  4. Wow!! I'm so in awe of how you fearlessly cut into pages and premade things to make your own original embellishments! Can't wait to see the pages you made with all of this :)

  5. great idea~I think I would be shaking !!!!! You make evrything look fabulous!!

  6. Oh wow, you are resourceful and creative!!!! What a fun idea!

  7. Genius idea...and what a $$ saver!

  8. Wow, would love to have some of your productivity, they look amazing! Can't wait to see the layouts. Would love a proper step by step tutorial of how you made the garlands, as I want to use my sewing machine more!

    1. Hi Dawn! Thanks for the lovely comment :) I just might have to do a proper tutorial on that. Great idea! In the mean time, I found this video on you tube that I thought might help out a bit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61waI0BE2G0
      She does a much tidier job than I :) She is doing her banner for the purposes of decor, so I would suggest trying to stitch your pieces closer together for scrapping purposes. But, the core concept is the same. I hope this help!

  9. What a super pile of embellishments - loving the frames with the bunting - can't wait to see what you create with it all :)

  10. I can't wait to see what comes out of all of this goodness!

  11. That is so AWESOME!! I too am looking forward to see what comes out of all that goodness!

  12. That is just super cool! Have not seen that album yet but love how you got creative and turned it into something totally different. Can't wait to see your projects with these fun creations. :)

  13. Wow! i love this idea, I might just give it a try!

  14. You're one brave gal to cute up that HS album -:) Looking forward to seeing how they're used!

  15. As usual you are sheer genius! I hope you don't mind if I pin this to my frugal scrapping board! Thanks for stopping by my blog as well! Love Penny

  16. I do admire how you are willing to cut up anything and change it all around.


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